Thursday 6 March 2014

How Great are You?

I'm fairly modest, I think: I'm reasonably good at my job, I'm a bit unconventional as a wife and mother, but I've never lost or poisoned a daughter or husband, so I'm not too bad (and they don't have another one to compare me with, so that's ok), I'm a bit of a naff friend, but if the chips are down I'll be there for you, but as an Aunt - I can tell you I'm great!

Or should that be "I'm a great aunt"? Yeah, probably!!!  

The oldest great niece turns 14 this week; she's into black, and dramatic make up, and skulls and tattoos, and loud music from bands I've never heard of, so buying pressies can be a challange!  I'm resorting to the standby of cash, but with a few homemade bits to unwrap , and hope these aren't too uncool

A bag 

Black skull lace over red, and it's reversible as that's the only way I know to make bags !

And some music themed earrings (she plays guitar and piano, mostly self taught!

Just thought I'd also post here a creation of hers - she drew this for her great Nan , isn't it fab!


  1. Great gifts! Everyone needs an Aunty B then. 😊

  2. shouldnt that be .. awsome!! lol x

  3. Great presents! And an opportunity to unleash your inner goth :D

  4. I think they should hit the spot!

  5. What a great aunt you are :-)

  6. You are an amazing great aunt.
    Love the skull bag.


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