Saturday 29 March 2014

Saturday Sewing

For the first time in what seems like ages I'm sewing today.  In fact I'm multitasking - I've built some Ikea flat pack shelves and cupboards, and while I waiting for husband to do the work surface and other 'man' jobs I've been doing some more embroidery for Baby Mark's mum.

Work in progress on the 'office'.  I didn't think to get a 'before'  but it was a few bits of old work surface on an assortment of wall and floor cupboards with no doors - watch this space for the next stage!

And Baby Mark's stuff is nearly finished: vests and babygros

A patch to hand sew onto his quilt

And a patch being stitched to go on his pillow


  1. Cant wait to see the 'new space'. Sweet feeling to be 'organized'.

  2. You won't know yourself in your smart new office Benta :)

  3. Well that child will certainly never have an identity crisis... ;o)

  4. That all sounds very exciting! Nice sewing too - although clearly his mum isn't thinking of 'hand me downs' unless she can come up with another name that starts with 'Mark'!!

  5. You've been busy again! I'm looking forward to seeing your office :)


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