Monday 24 March 2014

Shopping Addiction

My name is Benta and I am addicted to shopping!!!

So after my charm square confession last week - a confession about a different sort of charm

I bought some small silver charms a few years ago, and made some keyring / zip attachments for friends, but I was running out of several ones, so I bought some more: half a dozen (or more) of each these

and the same again of these.

Then I saw this fishing tackle box in Lidls

With all these lovely compartment boxes inside

And all the charms fit perfectly

Even I cant persuade myself that I *needed* any of this, but its so lovely to be organised!

So these are now going spare - any use to any one?

And I think I have to stop buying stuff!!!


  1. well... it keeps everything organised xx and who says you have to have a reason to buy ? .. just have fun x

  2. Okay, you do know you have this posted against the 18th March, so it's all out of whack?!

    I have a load of these sorts of things from B&Q from my scrapbooking and jewellery making days, they're perfect for sorting beads and things.

    1. Thank you Katy, and there was me thinking I pushed the "post" button on Sunday 23rd!!!!! At least I've reset it to 'now' rather than in the past!

  3. Fully stocked and organised, that is impressive Benta. There are worse addictions you could have :)

  4. She who dies with the most charms wins.
    I spied a jetliner!

    I have the same problem from when i re-did my sewing room.
    There's a place for buttons, so I don't need the cute containers anymore. I have about ten homeless (cute) containers.
    Have I tossed them into the donation bin?.
    Ummm....not yet.

  5. I am reaching the point that I have to store my storage!! Nice charms though xxx

  6. Love the storage


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