Monday 16 August 2021

2021 Week 33

 A few Gingers this week : I was asked to do one as a mascot for the local lunch club (they already have one for their coffee morning)

National Photography week came and went so a Ginger supported that under the Craftivism hashtag, along with Read a Book week

and our neighbouring village has a village "Garden Party" (church fayre) coming up soon,  with a theme of HatLand - everyone has been asked to wear a hat - I made this one as a raffle prize - the Ginger who can't decide what hat to wear!!

I made a nappy clutch for a friend's daughter and she asked me to make another one for her niece - my side kick is stuck in Ireland so I had to Make. It. On. My. Own - shock horror!!!  It's not quite straight and the corners are square not rounded and I totally made up the Velcro bit and the number of pockets . . .  but it's made and posted to her anyway!  Let's hope she likes it!

Another friend has commissioned an I-spy quilt for each of her 8 great niblings - I love that word even though no on else seems to use it! (

And now one of the nieces has announced another baby is under construction - so here is quilt number 9!  Just waiting for the name

I finally got back to the hairdressers after 12 months - it really was like straw at the ends!  4" hacked off and the very faded pink replaced by a subtle purple!!!

Monday 9 August 2021

2021 Week 32

Hello lovely people in Blogland!  I seem to have quite a few finishes and WIPs for you today (you might even thinkthe to-be-done pile has shrunk but you would be wrong!!)

I was persuaded to the a scorpion Ginger for a bug train in the village!!!

I finished a crewel type feather embroidery (the outline was deigned on the PC and Lizzie embroidered it for me, so I js coloured in the sections with thread!!!)

I have opted in on a hexie flower swap for have July flowers coming in

And August flowers going out (a lack of fabric meant I didn't make myself a green flower)

Friends and I have been playing with resin

These embroideries were gifted to my friend Dalwyn when he was first ordained.  He sadly passed away recently - his partner Pete sent me this lovely photo from Dalwyn's study

I've tried not to refer to COVID on the blog, but I saw this and loved it - Tara will you now finally comment on the blog?????

The very kind and generous Sharon managed to travel from Dubai to UK - and came bearing gifts!!!

These amazing fabrics are from South Africa - they need the *perfect* project so I'm pinning idea here - do let me know if you have any ideas, they are stiffer than patchwork fabric, almost waxed

She also brought other goodies ...

And she didn't even know that I had lusted after Tara D's light box - and now I have my own!!!!

I have been very spoiled!!!

This hexie quilt is growing - slightly unusual dimensions as it's a hug rather than a bed quilt

And I grabbed this pic from Instagram - one of the tissue pouches I made for a wedding

 Hope you have managed to craft too!

Monday 2 August 2021

2021 Week 31

 How is it August already???

Next month one of our two village summer fairs will be returning after two years - the theme is Hatland so I thought a ginger with lots of hats was a good way to while away a few hours!

Lisa finished this awesome crochet blanket and promptly gave it to Niki on long term loan (she's fed up with it but knows she will fall in love with it again so they'll swap next time she finishes something!)

Lynne gave me some rhubarb - a better crop than mine!!! 

Together they made a delicious crumble

Stitch started back on Saturday - so lovely to meet people in real life!!!  Not many pics, but lots of organising and sorting, and a little bit of chatting!!!

Crafty Church also started back on Saturday (and some of us had a picnic between!) Again, fab to see so many people and an amazing show and tell (and disgracefully no photos)

We had patchworking, embroidery, knitting, crochet, painting . . . and funnily enough a load more chatting!

An embroidery for one customer

And a label for another

And a Hug for a young Ginger fan who has COVID so cant have any real hugs

And this one (on the right) was bridesmaid again at another lovely wedding . . . 

So a few more gingers and tissue packs

And finally another #Craftivism Ginger for World Drowning Prevention Day