Monday 27 April 2020

2020 Wk 18 - More Ginger Key workers and Heros

The key worker wall hanging was getting a bit crowded - so husband bodged an extended bar for me to hand them from 

I need to make lots more to use up the new space!

So here we have milkmen

Prison officers

Security Officers


And my favourite - Captain Tom

Sunday 26 April 2020

2020 Wk 17 - This Virtual world

"Kay" and I wanted to make a lemon drizzle cake - my friend Carol sent me her m-i-l's recipe, but I had to have a virtual lesson -

We go there in the end

but she had to cover some fairly basic instructions!!!  Like lemon rind?  Is that the same as zest?  Can I use this?

(the answer is no, better to use one of these

Is this enough? (the answer is yes)

Does it matter that the tin looks too big? (the answer is no)

Anyway, we got there in the end and it's delicious!

I attended a virtual 5th birthday party (lovely to see the bunting behind the birthday family (top right))

And Jackie and I did some more shared work on this lovely quilt - adding flying geese and then  border to finish the design - LOVE this!!!

 And a finish!!!!

This has been ongoing for quite a while (looks like the flowers started September 2014), and the finishing was a real pain, but it's done! Hand sewn, hand quilted and hand finished

Thursday 23 April 2020

2020 Wk 17 - a bit tidier and a bit of sewing

Thank you so much to the lovely friends who gave great suggestions for how to cheer myself up.  I have tidied a bit (not enough that I can bear to show you, but enough that I can see the work bench!)

The birthday bunting has been done (Breeze is the birthday girl, and I made a banner for her sister Sky too)  "Birthday" has it's back to us, but it is there!!

I stitched an air ambulance Doctor for my key workers window hanging

And a teacher

And designed and stitched a "frazzled mum" at the request of Breeze and Sky's mum - the best I could do with the 'feral children' request!!!

 They'll be added one-at-a-time to these

The (experimental) dress got finished.  It was donated fabric so nothing precious, although it would have been better used for scrubs - it just looks like a sack of potatoes.  But it was an experiment: I've worn it for a day and now I will chop the bottom off and turn it into a tunic

We've been out in the garden looking for Elon Musk's satellites - calling to neighbours over the fences every time we saw one.  Any excuse to lay on a sunbed in the dark with a glass of wine and a quilt!

I have joined a whole load of short sections of selvedges to make a long length (about 4m)

They be added to this when I have a bit more space cleared, and then it might be done.  I may have reached my limit on selvedges!!!!

And Jackie and I have been speed dating these blocks through WhatApp.  At least if we have to cope with not visiting each other we CAN talk and video phone and send daft messages back and forth (and baby pics come this way too - thank you Jackie!!)

Tuesday 21 April 2020

2020 Wk 17 - lost my mojo

Since I last blogged I have made and posted Aoife's quilt

And I did accidentally buy a (very pretty ) mixer (she's called Kay!)

And made scrummy cookies (and very unsuccessful bread)

But I come up to the sewing room and just don't feel the urge at the moment

I think my major problem is this ... I really need to tidy, that might help

How ever, I have made four more gingers and have another dozen to be done when the felt order arrives

Now I really should tidy ... or cook supper?  Can anyone quickly think of a third option????

Monday 13 April 2020

2020 Wk 16 - Thank you Key Workers

Lizzie and I have been busy the last few days - churning out Key Worker Gingers, and this is now ready to hang in the window when the Safari Trail finishes on Thursday. I need to add a few more: I have 4 buttons left and a small amount of the right coloured felt!!!!
Close ups of the first eight are at the end of the post

I also made some Stay Home and Wash your Hands Gingers which have gone out to friends and neighbours

This was our Day 2 for the Safari Trail

And Day 3

And Day 4


Fire and Rescue Service


Tesco delivery (inc v important wine!)




Refuse Collectors

They aren't perfect, and would be better if I did them again but I love them for what they are!

Sunday 12 April 2020

2020 Wk 15 - Congratulations Jackie

Many of you who kindly pop in and visit me on my blog have also met my BFF Jackie - certainly through the blog, and some of you have met her in real life.

Her younger daughter was due to give birth this week - obviously a horrible time to be in hospital and no visitors as Eire (Southern Ireland) is on lockdown.  There was even a concern that her husband may not be permitted to attend the birth.

However, in the event he was allowed in when she got to 5cm, and baby Aoife (pronounced EF-FA) got to meet both her parents yesterday.

Granny Jackie will have to wait a while before she can meet her (and Granny Benta will have to wait even longer, but such a relief to know she is here and all is well).

I'll leave you with these photos, but if you'll excuse me I have a quilt to make!!!

Congratulations Jackie and all the family xxxxx