Tuesday 21 April 2020

2020 Wk 17 - lost my mojo

Since I last blogged I have made and posted Aoife's quilt

And I did accidentally buy a (very pretty ) mixer (she's called Kay!)

And made scrummy cookies (and very unsuccessful bread)

But I come up to the sewing room and just don't feel the urge at the moment

I think my major problem is this ... I really need to tidy, that might help

How ever, I have made four more gingers and have another dozen to be done when the felt order arrives

Now I really should tidy ... or cook supper?  Can anyone quickly think of a third option????


  1. Oh a good tidy always helps me! Breathing space! Now I’d like to come round and I’d bag all them up and pin them on the design wall with date specific ones on the left with big stickers on saying what they are and what they need. 🤓

  2. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Now go and tidy up your projects like Amanda says. Do NOT stop to make beautiful project bags for them all. We know that you can, but you don't need to right now! Now go and get a hug from DH. Watch a feel good movie / cats doing entertaining things / whatever will make you smile. Only when all that has happened should you even think about firing up a sewing machine again. There is no one 'right' way to do things, so make sure that you are kind to yourself as well as other people, and just get through in the best way that you can for you. Sending lots of hugs (and not the socially distanced ones either - proper ones!). xxxxx

  3. If you tidy then I will have to! Mine is definitely worse than yours 😳 It will happen xx

  4. It's a tricky time for mojo but, if you need the bunting for a virtual party on Saturday, you'd better whack it out mojo or not. Then Kay can help you make some actual cakes. I hope you have fun at the party :)
    Then, of course, you can also try tidying...but it's lovely weather at the moment so otherwise you could just shut the door and, if you feel like it, do a little something by hand in the garden x

  5. Love those gingers Benta! I am in no position to advise you to tidy but I suspect they are right :)


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