Friday 3 April 2020

2020 Wk 14 - CV Sewing

I found a supplier who sells coloured bobbin thread for Lizzie (until now  I only had white) so when I decided to sew a version of a rainbow to put in the front window for the kids to find I was delighted to manage to stitch it two sided!

I've also been making masks: (a lot of research, and design and research signed off by local chemist, and just for people who can’t get proper masks, this video shows how valuable they are ) using t-shirts and cotton

EDIT: Some people have asked how I am making them so the instructions are in the link above, but my adaptations are ...
  • I have been using old t-shirts for one layer and old pillowcases or other 100% cotton for the other layer. 
  • The t-shirt stretches a bit but SOOO many go to landfill, so it feels good to use them! 
  • I boil washed everything first.  
  • My village chemist asked that we include a channel for a metal strip (maybe a few lengths of garden twine twisted, or a pipe cleaner, or food tie warps) so the mask can grip the top of the nose:   I cut a strip of fabric 7 inches wide and about 12 inches long, I folded the two long ends in 1/4 inch and in again to make a hem and stitch them down (see pic below with the cat), then cross cut into hemmed strips 1.5" wide, fold in half, wrong sides together and press (and then the cat went to sleep on it so I had to start again!!!) When you layer the fabric in instruction 1, add the channel bit, centered, matching the raw edges. (if that all sounds Greek I can send you photos) 
  • I also made my own bias tape, but it doesn't need to be cut on the bias. I found the 6" elastic was too short - I went up to 8" so people can knot them if they are too long 

I carefully handed a few to Lisa whilst keeping the 2m rule

And she modeled one for me!

 All quality inspected by Luna!

We've been exercising to Joe Wickes' Senior keep fit video - 5 of us in 4 locations!!!

And I've done some speed dating on this stalled project.  I'm not sure I like the blocks in alternate directions

But I'm not sure I like them alternating with plain blocks either.  This may have to go back into the the-be-allowed-to-mature pile


  1. Great job with the masks. I like the alternating blocks

  2. It's brilliant that you can embroider double sided now and I will check out you mask video. I'd be interested to see your blocks laid out all going in the same direction...Keep safe and well :) xxx

  3. Try this mask. Fast sew and tight, full coverage and easy to breathe through.
    I shove my doubled over pipe cleaner (twist and crimp ends) between layers. When I'm done with sides, I shove it up to the top and sew a channel to hold it in place.
    This mask came from my friend in Kyoto. It's the most comfortable mask I've made. It has channels at the sides to hold elastic loop but you can also use a long shoelace-type length to thread through. (Thread cord up forom bottom channel thru the top over to the other channel, threading from top to bottom)

  4. You have been a busy bee! Well done you! xx


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