Thursday 23 April 2020

2020 Wk 17 - a bit tidier and a bit of sewing

Thank you so much to the lovely friends who gave great suggestions for how to cheer myself up.  I have tidied a bit (not enough that I can bear to show you, but enough that I can see the work bench!)

The birthday bunting has been done (Breeze is the birthday girl, and I made a banner for her sister Sky too)  "Birthday" has it's back to us, but it is there!!

I stitched an air ambulance Doctor for my key workers window hanging

And a teacher

And designed and stitched a "frazzled mum" at the request of Breeze and Sky's mum - the best I could do with the 'feral children' request!!!

 They'll be added one-at-a-time to these

The (experimental) dress got finished.  It was donated fabric so nothing precious, although it would have been better used for scrubs - it just looks like a sack of potatoes.  But it was an experiment: I've worn it for a day and now I will chop the bottom off and turn it into a tunic

We've been out in the garden looking for Elon Musk's satellites - calling to neighbours over the fences every time we saw one.  Any excuse to lay on a sunbed in the dark with a glass of wine and a quilt!

I have joined a whole load of short sections of selvedges to make a long length (about 4m)

They be added to this when I have a bit more space cleared, and then it might be done.  I may have reached my limit on selvedges!!!!

And Jackie and I have been speed dating these blocks through WhatApp.  At least if we have to cope with not visiting each other we CAN talk and video phone and send daft messages back and forth (and baby pics come this way too - thank you Jackie!!)


  1. Glad that you are feeling a little better - and WOW! What a lot you've got accomplished! You should be very proud of all that. I particularly like the frazzled mum and the bunting! I'm so pleased that my girls are old enough not to need too much intervention for their schooling.... Hope you keep happy! xxx

  2. You've got masses done! I love the bunting and new key workers and your dress looks nice too. And your evenings relaxing in the garden sound great. Almost like being on holiday :)

  3. I thought your Sewjo was MIA Benta, it doesn't look like it from here :)


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