Sunday 26 February 2017

2017 Wk 8 - Mostly buying fabric!

A customer contacted me: I'd done a label for a quilt for her first granddaughter, and now number 2 had arrived - could I do a second label?  Of course I could - why didn't we meet at Helen's?

So Helen lives kind of between us and has an Aladdin's Cave Log Cabin in the garden where she sells fabrics and holds patchwork workshops and classes.  It would be rude to just go and not buy anything - you understand don't you?

I have completed Meg's label and will be posting it tomorrow

Ir'll be fab with the quilt she made

But while I was t Helen's I did, of course spend not only my earnings from Meg but a little more besides!

I bought binding, binding and binding

And I asked, on the off chance, if she had any flowery, darkish flannel fabric for this project: that my church house group are going to do some making for

Yes - they are what you think they are!  The charity supplies washable sanitary pads for girls in areas where disposable ones are not available, and where inadequate protection means missing school.  So they provide pretty and practical alternatives (made to a tried and tested 'recipe')

Luckily she did, in the deep recesses of the house so I bought these as well:

Saturday 25 February 2017

2017 Wk 8 - Mostly buttons

On Thursday I taught a WI (Women's Institute) class at Chertsey Museum.  As a finish I can only show you my sample as the ladies have some more work to do on theirs

At the end of the session theirs looked like this:

A "J" and a tree: a heart and an abstract pattern

A butterfly and a flowers (stalks so far); and a roof of a house

And me?  I stitched some buttons too and finished my fleece poncho: and took a rubbish photo of it!

Back to work tomorrow!

Sunday 19 February 2017

2017 Wk 7 - mostly Crafty Church

We decided to offer a jewellery special Crafty Church on Saturday.  

Stephanie and Julie having a go at Infinity Button necklaces

I only got a blurred pic of their creations, but here are some from a previous session:

Janet had made a completed Crafty Church Crocheted Hug which has today been delivered - and I got an email from the lady who delivered it "I told her the blanket was from the church and was our way of wrapping her in love and prayers.  She was really greatly touched and overwhelmed. . . . I know when tears well up we have touched a heart. Crafty church is showing our caring hearts too.  "

And we have 16 squares towards our 3rd Crafty Church Hug!!!!

I got a chance to play and to spray baste a bonus quilt!  This used the excess from the Lotus Selvedge  quilt, and the two packs of charm squares from Amo: It really grew quickly!

Since then I have (shock horror) actually quilted it!

Free Motion Quilting at that!!!!

Not fab, but it's OK!!!

And I have another cunning plan!

Tara wore this fabulously simple poncho which she'd bought from a craft fair.  I borrowed it and got her to take a pic:

I also took a few how-it's-made and what-it-measures pics - and hopefully soon see you'll see a here-is-my-version pic too!

Friday 17 February 2017

2017 Wk 7 - Mostly Selvedges

I have been collecting selvedge edges for a very long time (the first post about them was August 2011, and I already had a good collection.

I have been working on a kind of giant rectangular log cabin but whilst I had enough selvedges (thanks to all the kind donors, Plum especially) but I had run out of the 'lotus' fabric used with them.

I finally found the website, (not live but at least an email address) and then had to wait patiently for ages until it was back in stock . . .  but at last I have been able to finish the top for the Lotus Selvedge

Meanwhile the embroidery machine has been earning its keep stitching logos onto school uniform (43 so far this week) 

There is plenty more of the lotus fabric, and it looks perfect with these charm squares from Amo

I think I have a cunning plan

Friday 10 February 2017

2017 Wk 6 - a super squishy

Amo recently posted about using dog fabrics to make quilts to raise money for a dog charity, and I sent her some pics to see if what I had was any good.

Before I had a chance to post the fabrics to her she sent me a box of fabrics in exchange. I have to say she has sent me about 10 times what I sent her, but she says it was very liberating to destash . . . Well I was delighted to facilitate - and I have spent much of today planning what to do with them!

Thank you Amo - I did finally get the dog fabric in the post today!

I managed a little bit of sewing during the week, while I was embroidering sweatshirts for the preschool the last few evenings - one more heart for my calendar quilt. This is June

To go with February, March, April and May


Not sure of colours for July or August though


Sunday 5 February 2017

2017 Wk 5 - Jackie and Sewing

A day of frantic sewing!
We made fabric flowers

And a draw string bag

We took some time equestrian - And made some trays for husband's papers in the van

We made a sewing caddy with sections for threads and scissors and other useful stuff

We had a go at inventing zippy pouches with an internal zipped section

And we did some speed dating on my "boyfriend quilt" so it's now all arranged and pinned and ready to be stitched
Sadly the weekend has come to an end - Jackie is on a plane back to Ireland and we need to set another date to meet up

Saturday 4 February 2017

2017 Wk 5 - Mostly Jackie & Shopping

Today we sewed and shopped and shopped and sewed!

We took a trip to Dorking - to The Quilt Room, Gillian Gladrags Fluffatorium, and Gorgeous Gertie's (if you've been to a Dorking you'll understand!)

We love the eclectic Gorgeous Gertie's and managed to buy a few things . . .


And a few more at Gillian Gladrags Fluffatorium: look at these fab colours!!!


Then home to admire all the purchases

And do some needle felted pictures


Friday 3 February 2017

2017 Wk 5 - Mostly with Jackie

My lovely Jackie is here for the weekend - we've got lots of things planned!
She brought me some lovely goodies, we've done some making, and we've had an afternoon with the ladies at Chertsey Museum!
What shall I show you first? I think the show and tell from last month's Kantha stitching class can come first:

Aren't these amazing! We then went on to make string blocks but they don't look much now - wait for next month's S&T!
At home again our "making" wasn't quite as smooth - we are getting back into the habit of following instructions - always a bit of a challenge !
And saving the best until last -
A pod basket, pin cushion, lace and fab sewing pouch (plus a mug but that's already been used and is in the dishwasher!)

Happy Days!!!!