Sunday 26 February 2017

2017 Wk 8 - Mostly buying fabric!

A customer contacted me: I'd done a label for a quilt for her first granddaughter, and now number 2 had arrived - could I do a second label?  Of course I could - why didn't we meet at Helen's?

So Helen lives kind of between us and has an Aladdin's Cave Log Cabin in the garden where she sells fabrics and holds patchwork workshops and classes.  It would be rude to just go and not buy anything - you understand don't you?

I have completed Meg's label and will be posting it tomorrow

Ir'll be fab with the quilt she made

But while I was t Helen's I did, of course spend not only my earnings from Meg but a little more besides!

I bought binding, binding and binding

And I asked, on the off chance, if she had any flowery, darkish flannel fabric for this project: that my church house group are going to do some making for

Yes - they are what you think they are!  The charity supplies washable sanitary pads for girls in areas where disposable ones are not available, and where inadequate protection means missing school.  So they provide pretty and practical alternatives (made to a tried and tested 'recipe')

Luckily she did, in the deep recesses of the house so I bought these as well:


  1. I want an Aladdin's Cave. That will be Sewexpo in puyallup for me next weekend.

  2. So great.Love all your projects and hope more customers to come.

    Have a fun week.

  3. it would have been RUDE to come away with nothing! lol x

  4. Completely understand about "having to buy something" not to be rude, I feel like that when I enter fabric shops or even quilt shows, so that we continue to have quilt shops and exhibitions ..... if you see what I mean ..... and, yes, those fabrics are ideal for your "purpose".
    Great label, for a wonderful quilt!
    Barbara x

  5. Yay eye candy post - I love this :) Washable pads are a great idea, and a perfect item for quilting/sewing groups to take on - that particular item would score very high on the "practical and useful" list for sure! And being pretty is a bonus :)

  6. how good to have a cabin in the garden, good to have a spend too. I was at a quilt show friday and cannot believe I came home without any fabric

  7. Sounds like a very successful day out all round Benta!

  8. That's a really lovely quilt and your label will finish it perfectly :)


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