Friday 10 February 2017

2017 Wk 6 - a super squishy

Amo recently posted about using dog fabrics to make quilts to raise money for a dog charity, and I sent her some pics to see if what I had was any good.

Before I had a chance to post the fabrics to her she sent me a box of fabrics in exchange. I have to say she has sent me about 10 times what I sent her, but she says it was very liberating to destash . . . Well I was delighted to facilitate - and I have spent much of today planning what to do with them!

Thank you Amo - I did finally get the dog fabric in the post today!

I managed a little bit of sewing during the week, while I was embroidering sweatshirts for the preschool the last few evenings - one more heart for my calendar quilt. This is June

To go with February, March, April and May


Not sure of colours for July or August though



  1. Berries (red, pinks and fushcias and blues) with greens, golds and browns starting in August as the days turn

  2. I spy - with my little eye - lots of fun novelty fabrics! Perfect for - well - I Spy quilts ... and for gifties for the kidlings - fun!

  3. what a lovely parcel to receive I am sure it will be very welcome in your stash. Hearts are so colourful see you have some good sugestions for more colours purple with yellow works well too

  4. I love the hearts and what a lovely squishy to get:-)

  5. it is fun because you know the fabric will be used .. and towards a good cause x

  6. You're building up a lovely collection of hearts and those new fabrics look exciting :)


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