Sunday 19 February 2017

2017 Wk 7 - mostly Crafty Church

We decided to offer a jewellery special Crafty Church on Saturday.  

Stephanie and Julie having a go at Infinity Button necklaces

I only got a blurred pic of their creations, but here are some from a previous session:

Janet had made a completed Crafty Church Crocheted Hug which has today been delivered - and I got an email from the lady who delivered it "I told her the blanket was from the church and was our way of wrapping her in love and prayers.  She was really greatly touched and overwhelmed. . . . I know when tears well up we have touched a heart. Crafty church is showing our caring hearts too.  "

And we have 16 squares towards our 3rd Crafty Church Hug!!!!

I got a chance to play and to spray baste a bonus quilt!  This used the excess from the Lotus Selvedge  quilt, and the two packs of charm squares from Amo: It really grew quickly!

Since then I have (shock horror) actually quilted it!

Free Motion Quilting at that!!!!

Not fab, but it's OK!!!

And I have another cunning plan!

Tara wore this fabulously simple poncho which she'd bought from a craft fair.  I borrowed it and got her to take a pic:

I also took a few how-it's-made and what-it-measures pics - and hopefully soon see you'll see a here-is-my-version pic too!


  1. That was a quick quilt Benta - well done on the FMQ! Love those colours.

  2. All looking fab! Can't wait t see your version of the poncho too.

  3. Well done on the quilting and looking forward to seeing the poncho

  4. Oh wow so much crafty fun ... those infinity button necklaces - I wonder if they would work as fidget items for seniors homes. They're sure pretty as necklaces! Great job on the quilt - it will be lovely when it's finished - will it be a donation item, or is it planned for someone special?

  5. lots going on at the Church group. Liking the quilting you did, it is hardest part of making a quilt isn`t it

  6. Your FMQ'ing is more than alright Benta, it looks very good from here!


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