Friday 17 February 2017

2017 Wk 7 - Mostly Selvedges

I have been collecting selvedge edges for a very long time (the first post about them was August 2011, and I already had a good collection.

I have been working on a kind of giant rectangular log cabin but whilst I had enough selvedges (thanks to all the kind donors, Plum especially) but I had run out of the 'lotus' fabric used with them.

I finally found the website, (not live but at least an email address) and then had to wait patiently for ages until it was back in stock . . .  but at last I have been able to finish the top for the Lotus Selvedge

Meanwhile the embroidery machine has been earning its keep stitching logos onto school uniform (43 so far this week) 

There is plenty more of the lotus fabric, and it looks perfect with these charm squares from Amo

I think I have a cunning plan


  1. Oh my - I do love (and collect) selvages, and that Lotus colour is AWESOME! Great design for a selvage quilt - I used some of mine in string blocks and then never did anything with the blocks ... or the rest of my selvages, lol.


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