Sunday 31 March 2019

2019 Wk 13 - weekend with Jackie

Thank you Jackie for a great weekend - two full days of sewing and a day with the family

We made these pods (from here)

And sorted these old EPP Australian Starred hexies that stagnated about 5 years ago

And made these great Hello Pouches (can you see that the top half is vinyl?)

Does that help?

And had a great morning at Stitch - 22 of us altogether including three generations from one family

A video from Stitch

And we made these Charm tote bags (thank you Amo for the charm squares, they went perfectly with this petrol teale)

And these travel purses with credit card slots, a zip pocket, two slip pockets and a velcroed vinyl pocket

We also made a bag for Lisa's necessary essentials

And admired her ferris wheel crochet

We both got rather spoiled by the girls for Mothering Sunday

And they made me a momento frame with tickets and photos from our trip to NY earlier this year

These were from a class I taught last week.  Pincushions with a scissor pocket.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

2019 Wk 12 - Hello from Texas

We've just spent a week in Texas with my dad, there may have been some looking at quilts

 Some sitting by the pool

Some hand sewing

Some looking at an awesome Quilting Retreat

Some sitting with Miss Maddy

And a bit of being spoilt by my daddy!

There may also have been some shopping!!!

Sunday 17 March 2019

2019 Wk 10 & 11 - a bit of a catch up

Just a quick whiz through some photos from the last two weeks, then we'll see what I've been up to!

I've been stitching patches for people who join the Windsor Homeless project sleep out in a few weeks time - and stitched the design straight onto a sweatshirt for myself and other colleagues who are doing the Sleep Out (if you are able to sponsor us the link is
Many thanks to those who already have!

The pile of EPP plus blocks is growing (another 27 to go!)

And the girls at Crafty Church wanted to make reversible tote bags  . . . so they did - not bad for 10 and 8 year olds!!!

 And I made myself a linen dress!  I love the colour - just need some warm weather to wear it now

Pocket and hem trim in this beautiful print.

Richmond and Kew saw a couple of charity quilts being made.  These blocks were made with some fabric from a FQ bundle and other fabrics added - everyone made a block - some great variations!

 And these are string blocks made using flip and stitch onto a square from an A4 sheet (so paper foundation).  Lovely cheerful blocks

And finally my friend Linda finished a quilt made from blocks we cut from her late Dad's shirts - it's brilliant, well done Linda!

Sunday 3 March 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Flowers, flowers and more flowers

The village is looking really pretty - volunteers were out a few weeks ago picking up litter and the daffodils are out (as was the sunshine on the day I took the photo!)

I spent the service in church today making felt flowers ready for Mothering Sunday (I did listen to the sermon too!!!)

And the lovely Chertsey Museum ladies mostly used flowers as a theme for an applique wall hanging

I've been getting ready for a long flight coming up soon - I need hand sewing for the flight so I have prepared LOTS of hexi flowers.  

I wanted a small pouch to hold them, and the finished flowers, and the sewing kit and thread, so I used a leg from a donated pair of jeans, and an arm from a donated shirt and I used the hexi needle case as a template to make a drawstring bag

I didn't use any interfacing, but the denim was sturdy enough to stand up and the shirt was soft enough to flop down, and the whole lot is squishy enough to fit in any bag I take for hand luggage.  Even the ribbon arrived wrapped around some fabric so it's completely recycled.  The base is hexagonal but it looks more circular.  

I reckon by the time I've made and added all the prepared flowers this will be a completed flimsy

 And not flower related . . . after the stress of making Dalwyn's last stole he came up with a much improved plan!  He *bought* a stole (for £10!) and I embroidered on it - he didn't even need me to take it apart as he reckoned the back was neat enough even if it did show - so that's all done!