Wednesday 29 August 2018

2018 Wk 35 - Dalwyn don't look

I don't think my friend Dalwyn stalks these pages, but so, now is the time to go away!

I have completely finished the stole - and checked the length against my vicar (seen modelling it here) and it looks about spot on - thank goodness!  Thank you Colin for being a guinea pig!

I had done some test stitchouts (the triangle cross and the celtic cross) on some spare green linen, so I have added a few other logos (North Bedfordshire circuit, where he will be working, St Anne's broken cross for the university where he studied, and logos for the two Windsor schools that he taught at).  Placement isn't brilliant, but it makes a fun cushion!

I've also been making pencil / make up cases for colleagues at work - a few belated birthdays, one early birthday and two leaving pressies (plus an excuse to play with Lizzie's font library!)

 Hope you are all having fun!


  1. Wow, Benta! I’m sure your friend will be extremely happy with what you have made! And the cushion is great too!
    Nice to see everything you’ve been making with Lizzie!
    Good practice on the pencil cases!
    Barbara x

  2. Wow looks impressive. I heard a story about a visiting rector who was obviously less than familiar with the formal robes and accidentally wore the seasonal bookmark from the lectern instead of the stole...


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