Sunday 12 August 2018

2018 Wk 33 - mostly Rainbows

Just look at these lush threads I used today!

My old Boss has been training to become a Methodist Minister and starts this on 2nd September.  I was honoured to be asked to make him a stole, but then panicked and have procrastinated for several months.  However 2nd if September isn't that far away, so today I pulled on my big girl pants and cut the first two pieces, and embroidered them.  He was a maths teacher before being a Head Teacher and now Minister so a cross made of triangles was ideal for this side.

The other side will be purple, and I'll do a Celtic cross for that side - maybe next weekend!

At the same time as embroidering the rainbows, and Lizzie was embroidering some uniforms, I was sizzixing card pieces for a WW1 project starting next weekend, and sizzixing fabric for Chertsey Museum in a few week's time - my lovely new big desk is only just big enough to hold everything!

These hexies are the start of a rainbow quilt-as-you-go project for Chertsey

I got a bit further with them tonight but they need stitching together still

I also did some patches for aprons for Monty's Popdog stand

And embroidered over 50 pieces of school uniform . . .which made a *bit* of a dent in the pile - just 125 left to go!

And earlier this week I finished hand quilting the last block (Australia) and put together the pieces from my interchange applique.  I decided to make two mini quilts rather than one big one as I only wanted one of each shape on the quilt.  I can't remember how to finish the edges so I'm hoping a R&Q friend will remind me (that's probably you, Plum!)

In case you can't make out the shapes, they are, from top left to bottom right . . .
  • Scissors, Boris the skink, Halsnøy Island (south of Bergen), husband's spanner
  • Button, wine glass, coffee cup (UK), Mr Twiglet the hedgehog
  • Daffodil, Viking ship, Cat (representing the 7 we've had over the years), Tango the rabbit
  • EPP Hexies, husband's hammer, sewing machine, coffee cup (Ireland)
  • Australia, St Michael's Church, a bee (one of 4: we live at 4B) and a budgie (representing 4 budgies and two+ lovebirds over the years (they were a breeding pair: 14 chicks in total I think)

And the same again, but inverse design, and different placement

 Back to work tomorrow for a rest I think!


  1. You have been very busy. I love the rainbow hexies. Well done on the stole.

  2. beautiful present I am sure he will be proud to wear it Got to love a rainbow x

  3. Wow! A great present!
    Your room certainly looks a hive of activity!
    You have been busy!
    Gosh, so many badges.
    A mix of lovely colours.
    Barbara x


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