Sunday 5 August 2018

2018 Wk 32 - Sewing with Jackie

Despite starting with a tidy sewing room, Jackie and I soon descended into the "organised chaos" that is our usual working state!

Most of the time there was at least two projects on the go, plus Lizzy the embroidery machine doing her stuff, and probably something else needing unpicking!

We made another zip up tray pouch - pattern from Aneela Hooey  We love this design! (and this will get finished!) 

And Lizzy was put to good use while we made an embroidered taggie for baby Leah, and a ring cushion for Claire who gets married at the end of the month

We made four project bags, inspired by Running With Homemade's Lama Drama field bag with zippy pouches

And we made big bucket bags based on Ashley's  Around Town bag

As well as all the making I decided to carry on with the bobbin winding that I'd been doing at Chertsey:  I have far too many threads: mostly those small ones that come with sewing kits and are useless thread - I thought if I wound them onto the bobbins I'd bought for the Chertsey class (yes, I bought far too many, but they were really cheap!) I could make some more bobbin necklaces - the empties are in the middle - quite a quantity reductions!

And don't the bobbins look so pretty!


  1. You are a two-woman powerhouse Benta! Such a great collection of projects too :)

  2. I think we work best in chaos!

  3. I love the fabrics you’ve been using here!
    Great bags and pouches!
    I’m off to follow the links now, thanks!
    Barbara x


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