Sunday 19 August 2018

2018 Wk 34 - Hand finished finishes

We went to Mum's today: about a 75 minute drive, and husband had a list of odd jobs to do for her, so I had some sewing time on the journey, and while we were there.

So these hexies became this and with the addition of some hooks and eyes becomes this bowl

This project box and tray got finished

I left Lizzie embroidering the chunky mandala and came home to this lush design

And photos arrived from Jackie showing that she won two firsts, a second and a highly commended in the county show - well done Jackie well deserved!!!!


  1. Great finishes. You really are getting through projects.

  2. If I had left Bob doing a stitch out the thread would have broken the moment I shut the door! Well done Jackie on the wins.

  3. Goodness, I am amazed you can walk away and leave your machine stitching!!!!
    Great finishes ..... love those hexies!
    Well done Jackie, how exciting!!
    Barbara xx

  4. great use of your time .. I HAVE to be the driver as otherwise I get car sick!! NO way could I sew on the journey!!


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