Monday 13 November 2017

2017 Wk 45 - lots of fun (until someone gets hurt)

It's been a busy week - the best sort of busy with lots of making even it's not all my own!

On Friday night I taught a class making Felted Faries (with help from the very talented Kaye)


And on Saturday we hosted the last regular Kids' Crafty Church with half a dozen wonderfully crafty kids:

These boys sat learning how to loom knit and kept going . . . And both want their own looms for Christmas!


And their sisters spent ages colouring and sizzixing (another item on the Christmas list!)


Meanwhile a very talented mum did the beautiful Remembrance Day flower arrangements


Meanwhile my girls have been "un-making" - they learnt how to use a wallpaper stripper (and how to empty 40 years of gunk out of radiators!)


And as for me? Customer embroidery


And (embarrassed cough) discovering what NOT to do when you are home alone

Apparently it's not a good idea to put a finger under a moving sewing machine needle!! Don't ask what I was thinking - I have absolutely no idea!!!!

I had to ask the nice man next door to pull the broken tip of the needle out of my finger!!! It throbbed for a while but seems to be healing well!


Saturday 4 November 2017

2017 Wk 44 - Back in England

After my far too short break in Ireland I've reverted back to real life with work and work and food shopping and other boring stuff. But now it's the weekend and my minutes and agendas are all up to date so lets see what I haven't told you about!

I had a full class at Chertsey on Friday - making sewing wraps. The bigger pic here is one that a friend made for me several years ago from a Woman's Weekly pattern - the others are the beginnings of the ladies' versions - I'm looking forward to seeing them finished for show and tell next time

This month's star show and tell was A's poncho - I LOVE it!!!!

It's just two weeks now until Remembrance Sunday and I haven't get seen a poppy seller to get my poppy, but the lovely R gave me this crocheted one - I'll pop my money in the collection box at church tomorrow

In the excitement of going to Ireland I neglected to shows photos from a family class last Saturday - Making Monsters: The kids have such great imagination!

I got a lovely squishy during the week: The lovely Barbara who blogs at The Flashing Scissors posted some finger-less mittens that her mum and sister have knitted for a local charity shop. Being slightly digitally challenged (I have to count in base 8 rather than base 10) I can't wear gloves. Jackie (and previously my M-i-L) have kept me in knitted-for-me gloves and mittens but these were a bit different so I cheekily asked Barbara for a pair (and I have paid my money to charity!)

Thank you Barbara (and your mum!) They are great

As for me, my creative 'juices' have been designing and embroidering for customers!

Fun eh? But I have some holiday left to take for this year so I'm having a few Wednesday's off where hopefully I can just SEW!

We did pop out this morning to collect our pottery which we threw back in September - now painted (glazed?) and fired they are looking amazing!

I might be back on Wednesday!!!