Monday 13 November 2017

2017 Wk 45 - lots of fun (until someone gets hurt)

It's been a busy week - the best sort of busy with lots of making even it's not all my own!

On Friday night I taught a class making Felted Faries (with help from the very talented Kaye)


And on Saturday we hosted the last regular Kids' Crafty Church with half a dozen wonderfully crafty kids:

These boys sat learning how to loom knit and kept going . . . And both want their own looms for Christmas!


And their sisters spent ages colouring and sizzixing (another item on the Christmas list!)


Meanwhile a very talented mum did the beautiful Remembrance Day flower arrangements


Meanwhile my girls have been "un-making" - they learnt how to use a wallpaper stripper (and how to empty 40 years of gunk out of radiators!)


And as for me? Customer embroidery


And (embarrassed cough) discovering what NOT to do when you are home alone

Apparently it's not a good idea to put a finger under a moving sewing machine needle!! Don't ask what I was thinking - I have absolutely no idea!!!!

I had to ask the nice man next door to pull the broken tip of the needle out of my finger!!! It throbbed for a while but seems to be healing well!



  1. OwOWWOwowowowowowo! Dont' do that! Made my tum turn.

  2. Lots going on! Hope your finger heals soon. Believe it or not, I have 2 marks where I nicked my finger with the needle this week! I tiny bit closer and I would been just like you. No more of that!

  3. OK now I want to play with felting materials (some of those fairies look like batiks!) and Sizzixes and yarn looms, oh my! Be more careful with needles - Base 7 doesn't have a good ring to it :D

  4. Eeeek! I’ve picked myself up from the floor (can’t stand the sight of nasty injuries ...... I’m always worse than the injured party!) ..... it’s OK I’m breathing again!
    The fairies are gorgeous! Great knitting looms ..... never sure it’s a good thing teaching boys to knit though ..... street cred etc.
    Wonderful flower arrangement!
    Do hope your finger is better, have you had your tetanus jabs recently?
    Take care now!
    Barbara xx


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