Friday 1 December 2017

2017 Wk 48 - A bit of sewing time

Not really sure what happened to the last three weeks - I was sure not much sewing happened, but looking at photos maybe it was just not much blogging??
This black and white quilt got assembled: just the final hand stitching of the binding until I can call it done

I even quilted it!

And a small I-spy quilt was made for a friend who has just become a grandma.

I painted the girls'house on a bag a while ago - we put stuff in it that is due to go to their house. They wanted one with our house on it for stuff they are returning. Our house may be 'home' but it isn't picture pretty, so instead I took advantage of the fact that it's number 4B and painted this

At Crafty Church I worked a bit on the two quilts, did some crochet on the world's slowest blanket,

and also some English Paper Piecing for a Christmas Star class sample

I started some zippy pouches as Christmas pressies for colleagues

Some shopping has also happened!

piping cord ready to have another go at rope bowls

Leather because . . . well I'm not quite sure but it was a bargain!!!

I have had a go at making a little change purse - suitable for blokes? I'm not sure, maybe a pyrography initial would help? Watch this space


  1. looks to me as if you HAVE been busy x This time of year time just runs away and is GONE>>>>>>>>> somewhere x lol x

  2. What little sewing I am doing is for christmas gifts. Which could be hinted at in a blog, but the effort of making hyperlinks and even, just writing, is going by the wayside. You, however, manage to keep the same amazing output.

  3. I love the painted bag and the black and white quilt. The Christmas star is so well matched.

  4. Nice projects ... and fun shopping! I have a bag of little leather (faux, probably) scraps that my sewy friend's lovely auntie gave me a while ago. So far I've mainly used them for eyes on stuffies ... and as little embellished scraps on bags. LOL @ the 4 bees - too cute!


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