Saturday 2 December 2017

2017 Wk 48 Show & Tell and Chertsey and Kitties

Last month at Chertsey Museum we made sewing wraps. They didn't get finished at the session but lots got finished since. They have all done an incredible job, don't you think!

Yesterday we made the EPP Christmas Stars. Val got the furthest with hers, but the others were all doing well, so there should be a good collection in January.

I made them all scissor cones as a Christmas pressie - they seemed to go down well

The girls, having always had cats at home, have decided that their house is not a home without kitties - so although there are no Grandchildren on the horizon, I have two Grandkitties!!! Meet these two unnamed kitten! (Known as Terrified and Sh1t Scared at the moment!)

Husband has been working on my computer, so to keep him company I have been stitching scraps together and made them a few kitty quilts that they might like.

I've also progressed the zippy pouches a bit.


  1. What are scissor cones? Something to wear 'round your neck? Intriging. All my sewing is for gifts right now so I can't show. I am adding a guinea pig tube to my long list. Like a big lap mat when open, then it can be velcro'ed together to make a play tube.

  2. love the kittens.. hope they find their true names soon xx

  3. Oh wow my finger slid when I was hitting Publish, and I think my comment skidded off the page into the depths of anonymity! Well - to paraphrase what was, I'm sure, a most insightful comment (LOL) --- nice projects, sweet scissor cones, and the kitties melted me into a puddle of goo :D I have no grands in the immediate future, but DS1 did recently send me a picture of a big truck and when I asked about it, he said it was my future grandtruck, LOL!

  4. Gosh, it’s all looking great Benta! Neat sewing wraps! Wow, the EPP stars are wonderful, I’m sure the ladies will be pleased with their work!
    Never heard of scissor cones before, are they fobs or do they cover the points in some way?
    Love the “kitty cave” ..... but don’t be fooled, the whole house will be a kitty cave eventually! Ours used our boxroom as their emergency retreat when we first had them ..... we have that room back now, but now they take up a lot of the living room with their toys!
    Great work on the kitty quilts, and pouches too!
    Oh Sandra ..... what a scream you are! a grandtruck!! Tee hee!
    Barbara xxx


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