Sunday 17 December 2017

2017 Wk 50 - Fun with Kids

I taught a great bunch of families yesterday! I think there were 30 people in today - mums with kids, and dads with kids. The theme was Christmas decorations and I told the adults that this was for the kids to make something, using their own imagination, and we didn't want to hear a single "no, not like that" type of comment - and on the whole they behaved!

I didn't get pics of them all but they were all amazing! I think the polar bear on a sledge is my absolute favourite - all her own idea!

And here they are all hard at work!

Meanwhile I have broken needles quilting through too many layers

Thank goodness for grippy scissors that can put the broken bits out (and thank goodness it was stuck in fabric this time!)

But it was worth it - I have quilted

And finally finished, God-Daughter's selvedge quilt

I've also embroidered a whole load of pre-school uniforms but that's too boring even to warrant a photo!

And I've progressed a bit on an I-Spy quilt for a cousin of this one (she arrived last week)

I had the triangles cut, and some joined back into squares. I finished the others. I planned the design and then realised I'm out of light grey spraytime so this one will have to wait

I had an order for a Christmas sack. I generally don't do these any more, but Magnus has three siblings and three cousins who all have one so it seem very unfair to say he *couldn't* have one too! (Just need to hand stitch some buttons to hold the ribbon in place)

And finally - we've manged to put up the Christmas tree and room decorations - It's starting to feel Christmassy here - jut 4 more working days yippee (I have Wednesday off. Double yippee!)!


  1. Children are so creative . Well done on the selvedge quilt and all the other finishes.

  2. Thank you for allowing the kids to make their own crafty things. I had an 11 year old (might have been 10)with three post-its (instructions) to ship two pkgs. One package was ready, the other - he had to find a padded envelope and write the address, etc. It totally made my day that mom ( who was not in the post office) allowed her child to ask for help and expected him to follow directions.
    One post-it had the name and address to send to. The second told him to send one priority mail, the third was to figure out how to send two small boxes to the same address. Very unusual with too many parents micro-managing (helicopter parents). The next customer was enthralled too. I kept him near me as he worked on his project. (he had beautiful handwriting too!).

  3. So great day.Love the selvage quilt.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


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