Monday, 15 October 2018

2018 Wk 41 Finishes

I have been frantically finishing the quilts on the rail of shame as they will be on show in two week's time at the Richmond and Kew quilters exhibition

Finished but need sleeves:

Also being finished is a quilt both Jackie and I have worked on - it's being finished in Ireland ready for the show . . .  My Small World.  I am SO looking forward to seeing it in real life!

I got this pack of lush fabrics from Lisa's Jim for my birthday - he's a good boy!!!

On Saturday I attended a wet felting class at Chertsey Museum - and made this poppy

And on Sunday my oldest friend (should I rephrase that?  The friend I have known for the longest time) came over with a suitcase of her late dad's shirts.  Linda and I have known each other since school age and I knew her mum and dad very well - a lovely couple.

Anyway, she and mum have cleared out dad's clothes: most have gone to a homeless shelter, some jumpers have gone to the grandchildren and the rest came to my house.  We turned a lovely jumper into a cushion

And are in the process of turning the first 1/4 of the shirts into a patchwork for mum (and will gradually work on the rest for Linda, her sister and her daughter)

It was an honour to be allowed to be involved and lovely to catch up with what the two families have been up to!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

2018 Wk 41 Oh My Gosh!

Do you know my bloggy friend Renee / Wren?

She has been busy blogging about quilts she's been finishing off - she an absolute whiz at BOM quilts (do go and have a look)

She send me a package . . .  and they don't come much better than this!  I absolutely love this - and so does everyone who has seen it - Renee you have talent and kindness in huge quantities!

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Sunday, 7 October 2018

2018 Wk 40 - Chertsey and other stuff

Friday was weaving day at Chertsey - just some of the weaving equipment and results  . . .

Sunday, 30 September 2018

2018 Wk 39 - Things I forgot about

When I blogged yesterday I, ahem, implied that I hadn't done much - and I believed it myself  . . . until I started getting stuff out for a class I am teaching on Friday at Chertsey Museum, and then I realised I've actually done quite a lot in the way of prep!

Usually everyone does the same, but they wanted to try weaving and I have a few sets of a lot of different methods, so this time we are doing this over 2 sessions so everyone gets a chance to try everything.  Of course this means me setting up everything so they can spend their 90 minutes actually weaving!

Triaxial weaving:

 Lace making (of a sort -I cant get the hang of this!)

Medieval cords

Weaving with a small loom and fine wool

Bead weaving

Straw weaving

 Chunky weaving

a different type of loom

French knitting / Knitting Nancies

and a super fast mechanical version

And hoop weaving

There are also 3 20" looms - two have been set up and started and one will be set up as a demo

So I have been a bit busy!!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

2018 Wk 39 - excuses

It's rubbish really - no blogging for three weeks and still nothing to show!  In my defence I've been busy, away and ill

Busy at work - closing our Slough office and preparing to move to Reading (about an hour further away) and busy job hunting, and also busy at the Borough Voluntary Sector awards when we won join second place and £250 for Stitch!

And too ill for one planned weekend away but managed a second one, to Athens

View from apartment

And still having coughing fits every few minutes!  Still it's getting a little better each day.  Hopefully I'll get back to sewing soon

I did managed two embroidery designs for Kathy

Saturday, 8 September 2018

2018 Wk 36 - bits and pieces

Last weekend was the Church's 'Garden Party' (a village fair really but arranged by the church) in the sister village.  The Vicar's wife and I manned the Stitch stall - selling boomerang bags and talking to people about Stitch (and Days for Girls) and showing the kits.  We sold lots of bags while dressed as Vikings (this year's theme).  We listened to Abba music all afternoon, enjoyed the end of summer sunshine, and took donations of £85 - pretty much a perfect afternoon!

In other news - I treated myself to a EPP template organiser (Amazon think it's a jewellery organiser but what do they know?) and have sorted all my templates

Some of the templates were then used at Chertsey Museum on Friday - we did Quilt As You Go hexies - looking good ladies!

As for me, Lizzie and I have been working on a dozen or so babygros (onesies) and vests - just a little bit fiddly to hoop!

And husband has repainited two walls in our bedroom  . . .

and assembled a corner unit for me as a kind of dressing table

And finally a pic from the lady who one my Black & White & Bits of Bright quilt in a WI raffle - she used it as a picnic blanket!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

2018 Wk 35 - Dalwyn don't look

I don't think my friend Dalwyn stalks these pages, but so, now is the time to go away!

I have completely finished the stole - and checked the length against my vicar (seen modelling it here) and it looks about spot on - thank goodness!  Thank you Colin for being a guinea pig!

I had done some test stitchouts (the triangle cross and the celtic cross) on some spare green linen, so I have added a few other logos (North Bedfordshire circuit, where he will be working, St Anne's broken cross for the university where he studied, and logos for the two Windsor schools that he taught at).  Placement isn't brilliant, but it makes a fun cushion!

I've also been making pencil / make up cases for colleagues at work - a few belated birthdays, one early birthday and two leaving pressies (plus an excuse to play with Lizzie's font library!)

 Hope you are all having fun!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

2018 Wk 34 - Hand finished finishes

We went to Mum's today: about a 75 minute drive, and husband had a list of odd jobs to do for her, so I had some sewing time on the journey, and while we were there.

So these hexies became this and with the addition of some hooks and eyes becomes this bowl

This project box and tray got finished

I left Lizzie embroidering the chunky mandala and came home to this lush design

And photos arrived from Jackie showing that she won two firsts, a second and a highly commended in the county show - well done Jackie well deserved!!!!