Friday, 26 August 2016

The one where you can win some money!!!

My nephews have set up a website where you can win money - and it's free and they will never sell on your details.  I know it sounds too good to be true but it is genuine (or I wouldn't be telling you about it!)

The link is here, and this is how it works:

Everyday (that you visit the site) you get given 5 'lucky patches'.  You then get taken (by the magic of Google maps) to a map of your current location (best to play on a smart phone so it knows where you are) and can claim that many 'patches' of land - each one is about the size of a car  You can save the patches up if you want, and you get extras for your friends joining.

One 'owned' patch is chosen at random per day - if  it's one of yours that is chosen  you stand to win at least £100.  The boys get their income from the adverts that you scroll past (or visit).  The ads are chosen by Google AdSense - so they are relevant to you: Lisa was looking at Kipling bags on Google, and got a Kipling discount ad - so win for her and Niki has won £100!!!

There is a blogger in Brighton (click here to visit her) who has loads of patches - just look what her area looks like!

Some people block out their house, or their road, some draw pictures - it looks as if Laurie or friends had a go at writing Hi and Hello and drawing a heart, but other people have claimed more patches nearby so it's not as clear as it could be.

I went for negative space and identified the school where I used to work

Someone graffiti-ed Ascot Racecourse with their initials and a picture - I'm only showing half the pic to save your blushes!

but of course its only virtual graffiti so no harm done!

A friend of mine lets her two year old grab the patches each morning - Little B jabs at the screen until she tells Hannah "Mummy all green gone" - This is what their area looks like!

My immediate area has been totally grabbed - all 4 of us are playing

So I save my patches for when I'm visiting somewhere new

Have you noticed a little character in the last two pics?  Meet Bob - he sometimes appears near your patches - and if you click on him you get £5 added to your potential winnings, and you get 50p added each time you log in too

Have I tempted you?  You can email Bob if you have any questions (  or click on this link and have a play!

Good Luck!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The one where I embroidered me a t-shirt

With full time employment looming ( just 11 sleeps until I start properly) I need to remind myself to keep some sewing time for me:

I saw something similar to this and decided this will be a good pyjama top at the weekends:

And that's pretty much what I've done all day - stayed in my PJs, drunk coffee and sewn - plus a few cold showers to help me cope with the heat!  In fact so many cold showers I ended up running a cold bath and leaving it so I can get in and out as often as I like!  (it's been 82 F / 28 C and 70% humidity and I have been a sweaty mess all day!)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The one which doesn't look much

I've spent a few days at my new job, learning from the girl who does it at the moment - I have a lot of things to learn, but I'm looking forward to starting on 5th September!

I managed to spend a few hours in the sewing room today, but apart from some boring school uniform embroidery I cant show you very much.

I made some hearts (which are more exciting than they look)

and some boring school uniform jumpers

Sorry!  Day at home tomorrow, so if I don't melt I should be able to produce something

Monday, 22 August 2016

The one where I worked on another UFO

More chores today - leaving me doing my couch potato impression this evening. (The guilty secret is that Lisa is watching The Gilmore Girls on net flicks, and once that's on I'm rooted to the sofa!)

I could have gone upstairs to get yesterday's UFO and done more work on it, but that would have meant missing a few seconds, so I dug this out of the sewing box in the sitting room


And made a few more flowers

So now TGG represents time well spent, instead of a guilty pleasure!

I'm spending the next three days at my new job, shadowing the girl I'm replacing, so there might not be much sewing happening!


Sunday, 21 August 2016

The one where I quilted a rainbow

Keeping to a trend: I ignored the pile of current projects on my desk and instead picked up an old UFO and started hand quilting while watching some junk Sunday afternoon TV (which stretched into junk evening TV!)

Rainbows do make me very happy!  Here it is laid out pre quilting

It's probably a dangerous move to quilt before I've finished piercing but the temptation was too great!!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The one where I planned May's block

Today's been a bit full on- Niki and I tried a yoga class this morning - I'm going to ache tomorrow!!! 

And there was Crafty Church this afternoon (where I forgot to take any pics) and we're out this evening, but I have managed to pull the squares for May's calendar block!

Anyone know why it's red white and blue?

Hope you're all having a good weekend xxxxx 

Friday, 19 August 2016

The one where I started a rainbow

You know if you have lots of UFOs you should really finish *something* before you start something new? Yeah, I laughed too, and then I pulled these rainbow fabrics

And then I cut the new greys into 2.5" strips

And then the guilt (and the mess) finally won and I finished the April calendar block


So you'll have to wait to see my rainbow plan!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

The one where I made an April block

With a bit of help from Jackie I decided that April was going to be yellow!

It's not finished yet, but when I've stitched the strips together it will look a bit like this:

And a daughter's boyfriend has his birthday tomorrow.  We got him a boring phone charger battery pack, and I made this for a bit of fun to store it in.  Thanks for the inspiration Kathy

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The one where I made a March block

Having yesterday made a February block for my calendar quilt, today I made March: March felt like a yellow and green month!

Most of the hearts will be based on the Norwegian heats we make at Christmas: like this one

I also embroidered some PE kit for a customer,

And started on some uniforms for the girls at Chertsey Museum

Tomorrow will be more of the same!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The one where I wanted to make a Calendar Quilt

I have a vague vision of a Calendar Quilt, but the image keeps changing!

I was tidying the sewing room (to make room for all my new goodies) when I found 4 embroidery blocks that were the start of a calendar quilt a long time ago (January 2013!).  But I decided I didn't like them.

I also found a whole load of 2.5" squares in assorted colours, and in low volume shades, and I found a pretty but empty box

So I sorted the squares into the box

I made the first of the new Calendar blocks (this is for February)

I have decided to 'lose' the previous blocks (does anyone want them before they become filling for a dog bed for Battersea Dog's home?)

And I have a tidy shelf in the sewing room (sadly one tidy unit, 6 not-so-tidy units!

And my secret sewing last week has been delivered and is in use!!!!!

Monday, 15 August 2016

The one where I've been to Festival of Quilts (part 2)

I have taken some photos of some of my favourite quilts from the festival - and some that have inspired me.  They are on the "Private Use" page

Whilst travelling, and chatting in the evenings I finished two cogs on the La Passacaglia (almost: two tiny triangles left to do on the top one, but I'm delighted I managed to get the same purple to be able to finish the outer hexies)

 and I started the next cog

We saw this felted bag when we had a coffee and a rest - a lovely lady called Heidi made it, and told us she was hoping to teach a felting class next year - we'll sign up!

And being too impatient to wait, I bought some hand made felt and matching buttons to have a go at making the bag!

I also bought some more picture fabrics

and some gadget type stuff - pre-wound bobbins and this fabric gel that turns anything into water resistant sewable farbic!

I also came home with these lovely goodies from Jackie: an Avoca button mug, a zippy pouch and a sewing essentials folder - thank you Jackie!!!

 Now I need to spend sometime in the sewing room finding places for all this stuff!!!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The one where I've been to Festival of Quilts (part 1)

Oh my gosh - lots of inspiration, lots of shopping, lots of walking, and lots of talking!  Altogether a great 48 hours in Birmingham!

For now I'm going to share some of the  shopping!

some grey FQs and some picture fabrics as I'm running low for i-spy quilts

Plus a few more greys (I have some ideas!)

And some wool for Lisa,

Plus threads and new snips for me

And somehow I bought some charms too!!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The one where Lisa has been crocheting

I thought I'd share Lisa's current crocheting project: it's looking fab!

it's got some way to go - she's hoping for about twice this size!

I love the coloured wools in the blacks

We are hoping to get some more of the coloured wool

And a shed load more of the black - if you see any please let me know!"

And by the time you see this I will have given this I spy quilt to baby Dara's granny (aka Jackie) so thanks to scheduled posting I can post this pic too

All ready to travel back to Ireland for this gorgeous chappy