Wednesday, 18 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 - people are so kind

There was a lot of post when I got in tonight - some keys (too boring to photograph) and some craft items - felting foam and condensed paper balls which are pretty boring compared to the main event

You may remember I made a rope bowl at the Knitting and Stitching show. I was inspired by the amazing bowls made by the lovely Kathy who has been a bloggy friend for many years! Kathy recently posted a couple of pictures of bowls that were off to overseas destinations - including England. I know she sells in her ETSY shop so assumed she'd sold to a customer in the UK (but I confess a little bit of me hoped differently !)
Well the most amazing package from Kathy was waiting for me today! I was far too impatient to take a pic before I started ripping into it, but inside the envelope was this


Under the coffee (yum) was this... (double yum!)


And wrapped in pattern paper (such a clever idea) was this!!!!!


And it gets better, as lurking under that bowl was another one!


You can't see them as I can - but I can assure you they are beautifully made - it really is worth visiting the shop!

But best of all was the letter that came with it - it made me cry!!!!! Be warned, and reach for tissues before you read this


Kathy - thank you so much! I am going to Jackie's in about ten days and will take hers to her


Saturday, 14 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 twit twoo

I had hoped to spend the day either creating or at least fondling and stroking my new purchases, but it didn't work out like that - we have spent a lot of it working on the parish accounts - tedious work, and an afternoon I will never get back! Still, while supervising husband I managed to finish Mr Owl - isn't he cute


I probably ought to spend tomorrow tidying my sewing room - then I can concentrate on the fondling and stroking!


And finally - a bit of really good news - the girls have finally exchanged contracts - and next Friday this will be theirs (along, of course, with a life time of debt!)


Friday, 13 October 2017

2017 Wk 41 Knitting and Stitching Show

I had a lovely day out today with my friend Jane. It was supposed to be Jackie but she had to cancel her trip over so Jane came to keep me company!

I *may* have done a little bit of shopping, and we did two classes. In one we were aiming for this gorgeous owl


Jane finished hers tonight, and he's looking fab

Mine isn't looking quite as detailed!


My shopping haul . . . Fabric, bonding powder, pants, safety pins and a bracelet


The pink bowl and the to-be-finished owl were made in classes, and the felt sheets and felted pebbles were simply because they were gorgeous and cheap!


I also bought some fun vinyl £1 notes! I think I feel some zippy pencil cases coming up. (The notes were <£1 each)


And it was great to see Fiona's 'book cover' on the wall


In other news . . . Plum's daughters' school is contributing to the 70273 project. You can read about the project here but in summary it is to remember physically and mentally disbanded people murdered by the Nazis. . This project aims to gather 70,273 blocks of fabric, marked with two redcrosses to commemorate the number of physically and mentally disabled men, women and children who were murdered between January 1940 and August 1941 in the Aktion T4 Programme - a largely unrecognised atrocitywhich only received a memorial to the victims in 2014.

The two red crosses represent the marks made by the assessing Doctors as to whether the person was deemed ‘unfit’ or an economic burden on Nazi society. It is such a simple symbol, and in this project, the simplicity with which someone could sign someone’s life away is turned into a symbol of love and strength. The white fabric represents the sheet of paper that their death sentence was signed on. Seeing the crosses stitched together sends a powerful message of tolerance, community and love. Its impact comes from the huge variety of these two red marks - each beautiful in their own perfectly imperfect way.

I have done some blocks for the girls to add to their contribution


Avril gave me a lovely birthday pressie - a really pretty note book and some lush buttons!


Sunday, 8 October 2017

2017 Wk 40 Bits and Pieces

A lovely afternoon at Chertsey Museum - making Autumn Wraps! We all started with an Ikea fleece blanket. We looked at two different design ideas

Ann made a poncho, the rest made a wrap
Take an Ikea fleece and fold in half lengthwise. Then fold in half width wise to mark the centre. Cut along the long fold from one end to the middle - about 1.5 inches from the fold, so you are cutting out a piece about 3" wide. Arrange so the solid section is at your back and the two thins section hang over each shoulder - you can throw one front jauntily over the other shoulder, and look as fab as the ladies!
Some then went on to decorate their wrap with embroidery, other salvaged the fleece scraps and made flowers
Next I went to Portsmouth to see mum. I gifted her the wrap I'd made - and that was very well received! Look at the fab view from her flat!
I just love when one of the girls comes home and asks "muuuummmmm..."! She was about to meet her boyfriend's baby nephew for the first time - and needed a quilt finished. Luckily it had been largely constructed but needed name embroidering and binding finishing
First problem was quickly solved
And look at the concentration on the face while she pinned the binding in place!

Me? I did some making too - some more of these porthole blocks. I'll take them to Richmond and Kew quilters tomorrow and see if I can work out the best arrangement - should all 4 patch blocks be made with with coloured portholes, or just some? Should the colours arranged randomly (randoku! Thanks Avril - it's a fab word) or in a pattern? Either way I'm loving the blocks


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

2017 Wk 39 - Bits and Pieces!

Nothing major this week -

These assorted t-shirts for customers, plus another ten in one design on the go at the moment

Worked with this lovely group of ladies working on the Days 4 Girls pads and bags at the church

Finally finished a felt box for the chalice and bag for the plate used at communion

Received this card and lovely key ring from my lovely Jackie (who is going through a bit of a tough time - so if you are a praying person please add her to your list)

And some pretty fab bunting from Plum


Can you see that they are owls?


I got these birthday cards from assorted friends who obviously know me very well

ad this one from Lisa and Niki which really made me laugh!

While the embroidery machine is doing it's job I have to stay nearby to feed it more t-shirts, so I have been having a go at making one of these

I'll let you know how I get on!


Sunday, 24 September 2017

2017 Wk 38 -Designs & Stuff

I seem to have got myself an agent (a pimp?)! A lady who runs a burger bar also sells polo-shirts and sweatshirts for a friend of hers (I know, a strange combination!) I have done some embroidery for a couple of people who happen to be her customers, and she is now offering my services to her other customers

These designs have been messaged to me to see if they can be digitised - and I've had great fun!

I also did a design for the lovely Amo

While they were stitching I had a play with a new zippy pouch:
It progressed from this

to this

to this!

It's a gift for a friend whose birthday is this week - she has just learnt to crochet so I'm stealing a suggestion from Jackie and making a pouch for her crochet hook collection she will inevitably now start to buy

And my final creative photos today are from me dragging the family out to a pottery lesson! Luckily they enjoyed it more than they expected and we've chosen 7 to be glazed and fired and collected in a month or so

Hope you had a fun weekend too!