Monday, 5 December 2016

Retreat Roundup

I can't believe I've only been back home for 24 hours - the weekend seems to have been ages ago!

We managed some more making- and a few gifts were exchanged. By virtue of working full time and also not having a sewing machine at the moment, mine were mostly bought - but my "retreat goodie bag" was awesome!!

Do look at that hexie needle case - and the other side is blue in the centre, yellow outside!



We got the mbroidery machine running and made these for the boys for Christmas. We ran out of time so Jackie has to finish them off!


Hand sewing over a cuppa created these


And a lovely lady from my church knitted a panda for A - It went fine very well!!!!! Thank you aunty Janet!


*** STOP PRESS ***

Jackie has just sent pics of the finished sacks!

Looking good!


Saturday, 3 December 2016

One to one sewing retreat

So at home there seems to be no time to see, and anyway my machine is still out with the engineer, so I had a great solution this weekend - I attended a very very exclusive 1-2-1 sewing retreat - at Jackie's !!!!

Only a 48 hour trip this time so we've had to cram lots of sewing in!


Some nesting boxy pouches from Sara's website


A lovely Christmas tree decoration

And a load more warm diamond blocks have been stitched


And we still have another day!


Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Old School One

You may remember Lisa, mum and I started making a dress for Lisa a few weeks ago - well she wants to wear it to a wedding - on Tuesday! Needless to say we had done nothing further since the initial work, but this weekend it had to be finished!

My main sewing machine is still away being serviced, and the one I bought when I was teaching weekly has been playing silly games - so I dragged out an ancient Singer hand crank machine for the top stitching


And I hand stitched the hem and am rather chuffed that it's pretty invisible!


Not all old school this weekend though. The embroidery machine has been earning its keep with this pile of tshirts done


And a last minute present made a birthday girl very happy


And I've pinned a whole load more warm diamond blocks - I've even stitched a few on the Singer but my arm is starting to ache! I think I'll be back to hexies for a while until I get a machine back!


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Beautiful, and Boring

No fabric time during the week but I managed to spend a few hours this afternoon.

Cutting 6" squares from dark grey spraytime, and small triangles from the warm FQs I I bought last week, then sewing them together, pressing them, trimming them and then p

Laying them out like this


I know lots of people don't like spraytime, but I do, and I knew I didn't want a flat grey - I'm really pleased with the way this is going!

Meanwhile, after being taken apart and put back together last weekend, the embroidery machine was back at work on about 30 polo shirts for the preschool, boring, but a nice little earner!


Friday, 4 November 2016

Key ring class

This was today's class at Chertsey Museum - making key rings! I got the clamps from Amazon (search ribbon clamp) and we stitched pretty ribbons onto black webbing, then clamped the ends in a loop. These can now be worn on the wrist so you don't drop your keys


And some show & tell from last month


Sunday, 30 October 2016

The one where I haven't sewn for a while

It seems like a long time since I got to sew something, and it seems my subconscious found a way to cope with that!

I took my (main) machine in for a service, and while I was there I accidentally bought some fabric - who knew there was a danger of such a thing!

And yesterday, after the family learning class I popped into the shops in Windsor and kind of drifted towards C&H fabrics, where I remembered I had a gift card from the parents when I left school . . . ooops, seventeen fat quarters later I have NO gift card left!!!!  But lots of yummy solids!!!

Today I used some of them and made myself a triple zipped pouch - it made me very happy!!

When will I next get time to sew?

Saturday, 29 October 2016

The one where we Made Monsters!

I was asked to teach a family learning class today.  We decided it would be a monster making class - using felt for the bodies and all sorts of stuff for arms, legs, eyes etc.

These four were my samples, and as usual, I told the kids I expected they would have much better ideas than me

And oh boy, they did not disappoint!!!

My absolute favourite was this one!!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The one where I started a Birthday Bag

I think I posted a pic of some fabrics I got for my birthday - some fun rainbows in dots and solids and a pack in greys, teales and beige:

These fabrics called to be a bag for me - becuase I really need an new bag, and I have nothing else I should be sewing at the moment (as if)
So I made the outer with two zips on one side, plain yummy fabric on the other

And the inside has one zip pocket

and three slip pockets

I'm not sure about the remaining FQ for the strap, so the bag will have to wait for a while until I can get it finished but it is making me very happy just to look at it!
And I did get some things ticked off my to-do list - today nephew asked for his company logo to be embroidered . . . on a baby's vest!

And two ladies at church got confirmed last week so I made them both a cover for their bible - with our church on the front

The to-do list had got to 14 items, and I'm down to 6, so at least that's better than 50% done! The worry is how much will be added on before I get to take some off next weekend!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The one where we've nearly made a dress

My Lisa has no idea of her limits and abilities! She (who has never done dressmaking) bought a pattern for a dress. She bought everything she needed (thanks to the help of the lady in the shop) and plans to wear the dress to a wedding mid November

A dress with a 7 piece bodice and 7 piece skirt (lined with another 14 pieces) and with a sort of rouched bra. I'm not great at dress making, but can cobble a simple pattern together - but faced with pieces like this one I knew we had to call in reinforcements!


Or one specific reinforcement! My mum!

 Three of us worked for most of the day . . .

 but it was worth it

 A bit more work to do, but having got this far Lisa and I should be able to finish it - thanks mum