Sunday, 13 August 2017

2017 Wk 33 - Mostly Multi-tasking

I'm surprised neither machine has burst into flames this weekend!

The embroidery machine has churned out a couple of dozen of these to be hand stitched to fleece jackets for the pre-school (20 stitched on so far, 20 to go)


The sewing machine has stitched 20 I-spy squares to sashing, and then together to make this for a customer (when baby arrives her name will be added)


Then the embroidery machine made two more Votes for Women sashes . . .


. . . while the sewing machine made two styles of humbug bags for the next Chertsey Museum class


And earlier in the week - I had a lab evening with two of of my favourite ladies
And we made these (thanks Plum for the instructions!)


Back to work tomorrow . . . for a rest!!!!!


Sunday, 6 August 2017

2017 Wk 32 - Votes for Women!

The lovely staff at Chertsey Museum are planning  clothing display based on Suffragettes.  They have bought a replica sash for the display but have asked two of us to help make a few copies for the dressing up box.  I'm doing the embroidery and another lady is then making the sashes.

So far - so good (my version above and a photo of the original replica below)  I can't find a font that matches exactly so it's gone to the museum for a decision as to whether it will pass muster!

I was also at the museum for the regular monthly class - this month the ladies wanted to try paracord bracelets - a strange choice but they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves (some taking longer to get it than others!)

Some had done it before so they went onto the more complicated designs!!!!

A few also brought their tote bags from a couple of months ago - finished and in use!  Well done ladies

Sunday, 30 July 2017

2017 Wk 31 - a few (nearly) finishes

Well I put my fabric purchases to good use!

This quilt has been bound

This quilt has been made, quilted, bound and embroidered . . .

 for this gorgeous fella - my step sister's first grandchild - jealous - me? (yes!!!)

And this brick I-spy has had it's binding machined to the front

and has joined this rather embarrassing pile of quilts just waiting for that last hour or so's work to be finished!

I may have bought these lush wool cakes which I am impatient to start a row blanket with

and I have to confess that I would have bought these except by the time I saw them they only had crazy small and crazy huge sizes left - I cried - I love love LOVE these!!!!!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

2017 Wk 31 - Shopping - and Group Sewing

 If you don't get time to sew you are allowed to fabric shop instead right? Them is the rules?

Well I think them's the rules so on Thursday I took myself off to a log cabin in a friend's garden - a utopia of a log cabin where she sells fabrics and notions, and has tables where you can sit and sew or browse books and the walls for inspiration.

I did (mostly) buy for projects that need a specific fabric (although the tractor fabric doesn't have a plan!)

The purple has now been used as binding for this - the Boyfriends' Quilt, and it has joined the pile of quilts needing a couple of hours attention while I hand stitch the binding to the back before they can be declared fully finished

On Saturday I joined a group of ladies in our sister church, St Andrew's, for our first session of Stitch.  This is part of a Spark initiative we are starting with and for women in the community

SPARK: To ignite passion and compassion for women and with women here and throughout the world, based on the knowledge that God loves us and we can share this love with other women. Spark has three strands:
  • Chat Talk-in to explore issues relevant to women in our community
  • Stitch Creative opportunities to make stuff which might meet community needs both here and in the world 
  • Hush Quiet time and space for just being, contemplation and prayer
So we started with Stitch - contribution to Days for Girls from women within the communities around Wraysbury who meet on the last Saturday morning of the month to make pads and bags for young women deprived of hygiene products .

We had about 15 women turn up with almost as many sewing machines: cutting, measuring, sewing and very importantly - making coffee!

We only *finished* a few items but got about 30 of these liners almost finished and a dozen or so shields

A bit of info about the project is here,

or follow the link 

One other bit of shopping - husband bought me three of these:  Soak one in water and absorbent beads swell and remain damp for ages - tie it around your neck and it keeps you neck cool for ages! Thoroughly recommend for menopausal ladies!!!!

As much as I feel like I was in 1982 in the Dexy's Midnight Runners video, they are great!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

2017 Wk 30 - Random makings

 A hand stitched brick I spy quilt has been worked on.  Not sure who for, but it's almost ready if the right baby comes along!  Just needing a name embroidered and the binding to be stitched

Another hand stitched project is possibly nearing completion - This top lives at Mother-in-Law's: I add a bit more each time we go there.  Today ten or so light coloured hexies started a new round, and I might finish when this round is completed: it's feeling like a good size.  Again, no destination in mind, but fun to do.

A customer at work brought me in two sewing/creative themed charms - a knitting needles and wool, and a button - I added them to some boring earrings for a bit of fun!

The lovely Plum sent me a get ell card a few weeks ago when I was feeling sorry for myself with a viral infection - she's so clever!  Thank you Plum

A friend bought some Charlie and the Chocolate factory fabric for her granddaughter who loves the Roald Dhal books.  I backed it with a soft blanket and did some double lined random quilting lines between the pictures.  Not to easy to see, but it does it's job and I'm please with it.  i just need binding fabric now - oh dear I might have to go fabric shopping!

 I've decided to limit myself to 5 hours customer embroidery a week - I need to have fun time to me too!!!!  These got lucky this week - and I get paid next week so I get lucky too!

 And finally I have cut into this gorgeous silky cotton that Lisa bought in Kuala Lumpur and paired it with the crazy cheap but perfect colour I bought in Walmart in Texas.  Hopefully a tunic dress will evolve, but there is a fair amount of making up as I go along so fingers crossed!

Hope you had a creative week!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

2017 Wk 29 - A bit of shopping

So the one thing I did manage to do while I was off sick was shop!

The lovely Mr Amazon brought me giant poppers (press studs) and latch hook, and a seam roller (even if it thought it was a wallpaper roller), grippy scissors, snips and a new crochet hook

and a lace making book!

I've been having a go with the help of Mr Google, but I'm not really pleased with it

And I'm not the only one shopping . . .  too early to celebrate yet, but the girls have put in an offer on this lovely little house

(this is the view from the front door)

 and inside

So please keep fingers and toes crossed that all goes well!

Finally, a friend's FB post from hospital where she is recovering from a broken leg . . .  I think she liked the quilt I brought in to her

Saturday, 15 July 2017

2017 Wk 29 - Where was I?

Where was I indeed?  A girly weekend in Italy went and changed itself into ten days viral infection (so I saw nothing of Bologna, but plenty of the Air B'n'B apartment, especially the bed!)  I didn't even want to to read, watch TV or even pick up needle and thread!!!!

But I'm back to almost what counts as normal, and back in the sewing room!

Today we had Crafty Church - so much inspiration - so many things I want to try

This awesome colour changing 'cake'

Some blocks for a long term sample quilt

A pink heart heart for a new baby girl

Many hands making light work of a disobedient sewing machine

A cardigan and a jumper under construction

And a crocheted pineapple - of course!