Friday 30 March 2018

2018 Wk 14 - Easter Weekend #1

We’ve had a few rubbish days but we are getting through them, and a bit of sewing time is always good therapy.

Day 1 of the Easter weekend saw me completing the next 1/4 of a Farmer’s Wife (or in my case a Handyman’s Wife) block: yes this block is moving ahead very slowly!

It also saw a name (or three) being embroidered on a quilt for this little munchkin:

(The new grandma is a clown hence the noses!). She, the baby, is called Saga, like the Norse legends, so although I added her name the conventional way

I also added it in Viking Runes and to look like Viking runes - I had fun!

Just need to stitch on the binding then it can go off in the post

And the rubbish part? We had to bid farewell to this old sea dog, my father, who has sailed off into the sunset on a solo adventure. He went peacefully, in his sleep, with a good friend by his side after a lifetime of fun and adventure and love, and a lovely nurse looking after him - can any of us ask for more?


  1. Lovely photos for your memory box and a good end to an adventure filled life.

  2. Hi Benta, so sorry to hear about your dad. I feel like I had met him from reading about the happy times with him that you shared on the blog.

  3. Hi Benta, so sorry to hear about your dad.
    I’m quite new here and so I didn’t know him, but it’s nice to see the photos of your happy memories.
    Barbara xx

  4. Love the variants of font! Sorry your dad has sailed off too.


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