Sunday 4 March 2018

2018 Wk 10 - two quilts!

Quilt 1
After the previous disaster with June's quilt I have now made a replacement. Amo suggested a way to salvage the original which I will do, but for now June's replacement is ready to go to Texas, and with the right name!

Quilt 2
I was inspired, many months ago, by a quilt I saw in a fabric shop in quaint village called Grayshott.

My version was planned last August

but never got stitched until this weekend.  I considered the lines of quilting in the white sections, to make it look as if they were pieced, but didn't feel the love.  I rummaged in the quilting threads box and found threads that were close to the colours in the fabrics

and I quilted and quilted and quilted - something like 130 yards of quilting, all triple / bean stitch, and I'm really pleased with the result

I just need to find suitable fabric for the binding

We've had  few days of the country going into panic mode - Brits can go through a World War or two with nothing defeating their spirit, and have shown terrorists that our best comes out in times of disaster - but a few inches of snow has achieved the results that the terrorists planned and hoped for! The country shut down!  Schools were closed, flights were cancelled, people panic bought at the shops that were open.  Niki was flying back from Budapest: the flight was delayed not due to the two foot of snow there, but the two inches of snow here!

Another casualty of the weather was Niki and Lisa's front door.  They could not get it open!  Their home insurance comes with an emergency call out service - but the operators couldn't get to the call centre so they were no help at all.  so . . . Daddy to the rescue

It was the only way in!  He did manage to remove the lock and fix it so at least he could leave by the front door rather than the kitchen window!

And finally, Janet from Crafty Church has created another "Horton Hug".  Completed blankets are appearing in church and then being taken to a good home - to someone who needs a hug!  I love the colours on this one

The snow has now gone, the weekend has nearly gone, and this blog post is done!  Hope you had  good weekend


  1. Great Quilting. Wasn’t some of the response to the snow ridiculous? We had schools shut on Thursday. The snow didn’t get here until Friday! Good save B!

  2. Oh I love your quilting idea - the different threads and that simple stitch (I think I have it on my machines) - what a great design! It'll be lovely and soft with that backing (which now also comes in grey here) :)

    We did see your snow problems on tv ... and laughed :D But honestly - the weather reports here make every single weather "occurrence" seem like a national disaster - no wonder people get flustered!

  3. We can one-up you in the snow department with snow apocalypse happening at a nano-inch of possibilities of snow. They cancel school if ten students in the district can't get bussed in. Granted, these ten kids live on hills but the rest of the kids (4000?) have no snow and no ice. Oregonians commisserate with their British counterparts.

  4. I like your colored quilting lines too.


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