Saturday 10 March 2018

2018 Wk 11 - Almost Snowing Again

It isn't really snowing again - it's just that I am working on a very old Christmas snowy quilt!  Plum reminded me of it earlier this month - We met through being members of then Yahoo BQL (British Quilt Lovers) group, and back in 2011 I offered to embroider BQL badges for the ladies who were going to Festival of Quilts.  They offered to pay but I asked for green scraps for a scrappy quilt I wanted to make.

I got the scraps and started the quilt but it then stalled.  It was last blogged about in 2014 when the tree was shown plonked on the sky fabric

At some stage since then the tree and the sky were joined but nothing further.

Today it has moved forward to this

The details don't photograph too well, but the star above the tree and the candle flames have been embroidered with a glow . . . in glow in the dark thread!

The top of the snow glistens with a glitter fabric attached on a gentle curve

and snow drifts have been topped with more sparkle

It's still a bit tall and thin but it's doing much better than it has for the last 4 years!


  1. It will be on the wall for next Christmas

  2. All trees grow slowly. :-)

  3. Nice progress! Great idea how you have embellished the flames ..... they look like they are really sparkling!
    Like the idea of the scraps in exchange for badges, really useful!
    Barbara xx

  4. never too early to get those Christmas projects underway.. or finished even!! We had more snow on Thursday .. but it soon disappeared again.. Thank Goodness x

  5. That's just classified as a long-term project Benta! It looks great.

  6. LOL I love Amanda's comment - so true! That's a very pretty quilt, Benta - you'll be able to get it done in plenty of time for Christmas '18 :) And most projects are improved with a bit of sparkle here and there! BTW - we had snow yesterday - winter isn't done with us quite yet! >:(


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