Thursday 2 January 2014

Farewell to Festivities

The Christmas tree and decorations have been put away, the last of the loose chocolates have been eaten, the last of the wrapped chocolates have been put away to go to the homeless: sadly Christmas is over and in a few days I'm back at work, (and back to the gym!!!)

The Christmassy crafts have been put way for the next 11 months but I thought I'd show you my advances:

The 3D Christmas tree has snowflakes added

And the front door has been completed on the crossstitch - It *might* even get finished next year or the year after!

I found anther Christmassy project though - one which has been ignored in the sewing room for the last few years.  Back in 2010 I wanted to make a scrappy Christmas tree, and I envisaged something with far more shades of green than I had.  The lovely ladies from BQL (British Quilt List Yahoo group) kindly sent me loads and loads of scraps of greens, and I made this tree with them (currently plonked on the starry background, but will be appliqued on, eventually).  The blocks are scrappy log cabin blocks, and the candles were based on my granddad's tree when I was a child - he actually clipped white candles onto the tree and lit them

It sat on a shelf for the following three Christmases with no work being done on it, so I've now put it away with the decorations so next year I will be reminded at the beginning of December


  1. I really like your idea of bringing out the christmas crafts only in december. Not long enough to become weary of them and something to look forward to opening each year to work a wee bit of magic. I might try this.

  2. I do like the Christmas tree. Will expect to see it completed next Christmas ........ Xxx

  3. Hee hee, love your mum's optimism :oD

  4. Such willpower Benta, there is no such thing as unwrapped chocolates in this house :)

  5. Oh I am dragging out Christmas until Monday - then I will have to do cleaning again ;(


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