Sunday 5 January 2014

Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions - and what I learnt

So having cut my tessellating star blocks, I convinced myself I kind of had to stitch them together, and I pretty soon learnt something that hadn't been obvious from the other sizzix dies I have.    With this die, fabric cut face down is not the same shape as fabric cut face up:
The two different types of stars won't actually tessellate!

So: from the fabric I have I can make two smallish tessellated quilts like this: they would each be about 32"x48", but I could pad them out with some cream border

Or I can make a bigger top using all the blocks (it will come up about 48"x64" - an Ikea fleece is 51x67 so a good fit) but it cant be a full tessellating design

I could use this arrangement (lampshades)

Or this one (cream lava lamp with red zigzag)

Or it's twin, red lava lamp with white zigzag

 Or double zigzag

Or double lava lamp

Or, the last one I can think of,  alternating:

Not that I have any problems with decision making since I hit menopause, but please tell me which one you prefer!

The Christmas holidays are now over, and I'm back to school tomorrow, so my sewing time will be cut and I'll be back to blogging every few days or when I've had a chance to sew


  1. I think I like the double lava lamp one best, but that is mostly because I can imagine some awesome FMQ in each color area.

  2. Double lava lamp for me too, with the lava lamp bit in red - could be because I am currently mesmerised by my son's lava lamp at present!

  3. I quite like the last one of alternating. :)

  4. I like the alternating blocks!

  5. Im exhausted just looking at them!! Let me know which one you choose!! Im a BIG help arnt I ? he-he xx

  6. List of options. Personally I prefer the last one. Xxx

  7. I like all of them! If I have to choose I'll say the last one :)

  8. Could you do the one at the top with the other half of the blocks spinning the other way round as a border??

  9. I like the double lava lamp, the tesselations, and the last one. Does that help!


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