Saturday 11 January 2014

Bucket Blog

The reason for the bucket was not anything to do with the local flooding

But was to do with the assorted parts of this hexi top I'm sewing downstairs in front of the TV

There is the top itself, the spare flowers for the bottom row, the papers, the tacked hexies, the tacking thread, the stitching thread, the thimble, my glasses, the scissors, the fabric ready to be tacked ...

You get the picture - loads of stuff, which lived in lots of bags.

Well now it all lives in a bucket!

A covered bucket, with pockets inside

and out

It works really well ...

Except when the cat tried to make friends with the bucket (hopefully this video will work)

(Yes Avril, maybe I should have a lid!)


  1. What a wonderful idea I love it every quilter should have one! :-)

  2. Looks like you have everything sorted Benta apart from the cat :)

  3. What a great idea, there's a market there!

  4. ahh now I understand x love that the cat wanted to be friends xx

  5. too funny. great bucket though!

  6. Wonderful idea and I love that stamp fabric! What is it called?

  7. It does look a bit damp round your way! Love the bucket (and the video of the cat......). Lids could be tricky, but perhaps a drawstring top to it? Looks great!

  8. Ha ! I thought - is she going to make a carry-along? Fantastic solution - and thanks for the laugh, my cat could have done the same :-))

  9. Your bucket is genius! I love your hexie quilt. It looks just like a tile floor, in much better colors!

  10. Great idea and cute quilt top.

  11. IT looks as if you really do need a lid! X


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