Tuesday 21 January 2014

Christmassy Trip Around the World

I don't seem to want to stick with any one project at the moment, so today's stitching has resulted in another seven STAW blocks

They will be sashed like this when they are joined, unless I decide I prefer the sash-less arrangement!

I've had to stop now for a while with this project as I need more variety in the light fabrics - don't worry, it's on order!!!!

Which does remind me, I've been doing some other shopping - with so many bloggers on a fabric diet this year I feel the responsibility falls to me to take up the slack!!!!

There is a rainbow charm quilt in the planning, and a rainbow hexi quilt, so of course I needed these (and aren't they pretty!!!!) and one pack is Jackie's so that makes it all OK


  1. Oh how awful that you had to go shopping! Twice!

  2. It's a burden Benta but I am sure that you will bear it with grace as always :)

  3. Love how your STAW blocks are looking - and pleased that you aren't on a fabric diet either!
    Nice looking fabric packs....

  4. That's a lovely idea for a christmas quilt - and hey, you have almost 11 months left to finish it ;-))))

  5. Thank you for taking up my slack. I'm sure the fabric industry thanks you too. Lovely trip @ the world blocks too.


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