Saturday 25 January 2014

Instagram Issue

Lisa persuaded me to try Instagram - I couldn't really see the point, but I gave it a try (the things we do for children eh?)  I also signed up for Twitter before Christmas, for a particular event which in the end happened elsewhere in cyberspace.

I dip into Twitter occasionally, but it doesn't do anything for me, but Instagram is a whole different thing - I love it!  If I've got hold of the right end of the stick, it's a bit like blogging but one photo per post and far fewer words, followers can comment or [like] or can move on. 

I think that I would maybe have chosen IG (get me, jargon already) instead of blogger if there had been a choice at the time

So, IGers - please let me know your IG name so I can find you (Hadley, Katy, Nicky, I've found you :-)

And because a blog post should always have a photo, here is a recent photo of the yellow hexie quilt


  1. I dip in and out of Instagram but have never tried Twitter. Will certainly look for you next time I log in Benta.

  2. I am.... sarcasticquilter (shocker!). I think I may have seen you and followed you already but if not, I'm headed there now b/c I love seeing what you are up to. BTW, IG is part of the reason I didn't blog so much last year but I did miss the longer posts from others and sharing mine so I'll be back here more often again. Love the hexies.

  3. I'm not an IG kid yet..... Loving the hexie quilt top, though!

  4. Ha, that whole business name continuity thing will get me every time... ;o)

  5. I'm getting to be such a bad blogger lately that I don't know if I could manage IG as well, although maybe I'd find that easier...if I can work out how to take a photo with my phone, perhaps I'll give it a try :)
    Great hexies, btw x

  6. Yep, instagram is just way too cool ;-)) I'm quilthexle, by the way ;-)))


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