Monday 20 January 2014

Borderline Bully

*I* don't think I'm a bully, but I have some friends that might not agree!  A group of us from a few churches meet a couple of evenings a month, and at the moment we are reading a book: which involves one person reading aloud, and the rest of us listening.  So I decided we should be multitasking!

I took along squares of paper, strips of assorted fabric, and strips of pistachio:

And introduced them to paper pieced string blocks - making them sew while they listened and chatted - we got 5 finished and another three started - I don't think they minded too much

 No bullying was needed at the new Broom Farm class, the girls were raring to go - or roaring to go?  Lauren has designed this quilt which is going to be awesome

Rebecca is making bunting for her sister in law's wedding

And Cara  is making a pillowcase for her husband - he is due to go to Afghanistan next month, and she is making it for him to take

Doing well ladies!


  1. The words you and bully could never belong in the same sentence! Good to see the ladies in Broom Farm are off and running already :-)

  2. Sounds more like " inspirator". I don 't think that is a real who inspires others to action would be my definition.

  3. Well of course the ladies needed to have something to do with their hands whilst they were listening, you were just the facilitator Benta :)

  4. I wouldnt say bullying .. I would say .. enabling multi tasking and effective use of time!! Sounds so much better ... even if it all means the same thing!! lol x

  5. Looks as if everybody is having fun x

  6. Probably just helping them to listen - isn't there a study somewhere that shows that people listen better if their hands are busy? Or perhaps I've just made that up from wishful thinking.....! Either way, the blocks look great - well done all. Well done Broom Farm girls too!

  7. All really thought-out makes; as for you and your plan to stop idle hands! Disgraceful liberty ;)

  8. Great selection of things being worked on there! And way to make those women multi-task ;o)


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