Friday 3 January 2014

Long Long List

So I decided to update my UFO / PHD / FIT list, and it is embarrassingly long - and there are also a few bags and scarves on my to-do list too!

So, 25 quilty things started to some degree or other . . .

UFO List

Selvedge Edge 
Irish Chains
Lone Star
Christmas STAW
Jen's Strings
Boy Racers
Rainbow Hexi
Rainbow Hexies
Yellow Hexies
Rainbow Stars
Christmas Tree by Candle light
Green Summer Tunic Top
Turquoise Patchwork Trousers
Australian Blue and Cream, see Nicky's Fractured Quilt
French Linen (need more fabric)
Sorbet Squares
Japanese Swapped Charms
Woven Five-A-Day
Australian Charms - Hexies Stars.  (Need more fabric)
Woven Denim (pieced, needs quilting)
Postage stamp Snowballs
Strings and Triangles
Calendar Quilt
Lisa's Curtains
Hexi I-Spy stars

Itching to Start
Tea Towel Table Cloth
Summer olives
10" Strings 
Tesssellated Sizzix Stars

What should I do first?

(I have a confession to make: Tessellated Sizzix Stars wasn't on the UFO list, but once I started cutting it was SO easy I just had to carry on!)


  1. Good job the next round of the FAL starts in a week's time ;o)

  2. So, at one a week, that gets you just half way through the year.....or is that a little ambitious, given that you have to eat / sleep / work / socialise / run classes and groups.....? Great sounding list, looking forward to seeing the projects as they get wheeled out and finished!

  3. That's a list and a half! Like the sound of "need more fabric" :)

  4. lol! First start something new and pretend it's a ufo...O you did already! Happy sewing :)

  5. crick!! you should be busy with that lot... just try NOT to add to it .. if you can xx

  6. Well if anyone can do it, it is you! You go girlie!


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