Wednesday 15 January 2014

Ash Wednesday

The Church's Ash Wednesday isn't until 5th March, but today was mine.

Niki and her boyfriend Harry are going to a fancy dress party on Friday, and are going as Ash and Misty from the Pokemon cartoons.

Misty is quite easy: Niki already has denim shorts and yellow tshirt, and bought red converse and red braces - sorted

 Ash is a bit harder,

So they bought a blue shirt, and I set to it with scissors, sewing machine and white and yellow fabrics - hope Harry Ash likes it!

Now I'm off to school - I've got a new sewing 'club' starting there one evening a week - it's been advertised through a number of schools - I hope some others turn up and I'm not the only one there!!!!


  1. I'm sure you will draw them in! Costumes are great by the way. :-)

  2. Hope that your sewing club goes really well tonight! Costumes look great!

  3. Excellent!!
    Hope you had a good evening x

  4. I really am very impressed!!! X

  5. Well done on the costumes and I am sure you got good numbers for the class

  6. Looks ideal for the job!

    Hope you got people to play with :o)

  7. you seem to have way too much fun in your sewing room

  8. Great costume! Hope your sewing club went well :)

  9. Great costume Benta, hope you got a good turnout for your new sewing club.


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