Wednesday 1 January 2014

Not Quite a Plan

Having cut strips for my STAW (Scrappy Trip Around the World) I was up enthusiastically this morning - sewing, pressing, cutting, and ...

Well, the idea of the STAW is that you can see the stripes, Bonnie Hunter explains it really well here,  and this is why it uses six different fabrics per block, and is a good general stash buster.

*HOWEVER* my plan was to use Christmassy fabrics - they are (in my stash at least) generally red or white/cream, so I had the really good idea (?) of alternating them

Yes, if you look hard, you can see the stripes, but what you actually see first is the red / white checker board effect

So I'm adapting the plan, and making my blocks slightly smaller (5x5 instead of 6x6) and adding sashing
 Four down, 16 to go!

Slightly higher in the counting stakes is the yellow hexi top: about 650 down, and who knows how many to go!

 Still it has grown over the holidays :-)


  1. Looking good. I particularly like the Christmas one (I have of course seen the other one before). LOL xxx

  2. Your hexies are looking good Benta!


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