Tuesday 28 January 2014

Finishing the Fun at Broom Farm

The local authority have changed the way they charge for adult education - as Broom Farm is an army base, the agreement was that the army wouldn't charge for the room, and the local authority wouldn't charge the army wives for the courses.  

The authority have now taken it into their heads that the army wives have to pay - not taking into account that they cant get jobs as they don't stay in one place long enough, that the army moves them around with no regard to where their natural support group (mum, sisters, aunts, long term friends) lives, or where their replacement support group is (other army wives, health visitors, children's centre staff, army welfare staff, adult education  teachers (!) and that their men are putting their lives on the line for our country

So some of my ladies didn't come back this term, as a lot of their men are being sent to Afghanistan.  Three did come back, although one knows her man leaves in two weeks, and the other two's men are expecting orders any day now which will see the whole family moving again.

So, as if the army isn't treating them badly enough, the authority has decided to cut the class!

So we have asked the welfare officer very nicely, and she has said we can still use the room, the girls will pay the weekly rate to me, and we'll carry on with these great projects. 

Lauren's Monster Quilt . . . 

Cara's working hard to finish a pillow for her husband to take to Afghanistan

And Bekka is making a ticker-tape quilt using lots of lovely fabrics


  1. Ugh, so annoying when people move goalposts like that! I love those monsters though, I do hope they get finished!

  2. I can't wait for the monster quilt to be done. Adorable.

    Good job on going to bat for the military families.
    Its so important for them to know they have support.

  3. Wouldn't you just love to knock some sense into the jobsworths who make these terrible decisions Benta!! These are such lovely projects it would be such a shame if they hadn't been given a chance to finish them.

  4. Lovely projects and well done to you and the ladies for doing battle (excuse the pun) with the powers that be!

  5. What a rotten thing for the Authorities to do! But well done to you and your ladies to fight for, and find, a solution. Long May it last


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