Tuesday 3 November 2015

New York Geese!

A few months ago one of the ladies at Richmond and Kew quilters brought us a whole load of Thermofax screens and inks (see their web site here) and we had great fun printing
I have a few of these screens myself, and have had great fun with them. I got really excited when I read they make custom screens . . . What could I have custom made?
One of the ladies at Chertsey museum asked if they could do a circle of flying geese. I tend to think of circles of geese and New York beauty blocks as belonging together (but as the proud owner of this you can see why!)
Eventually the idea of the geese, the NYB and the thermofax screen all merged and I designed this.
(EDIT: my plan is to print the lines onto the fabric then foundation piece on using the lines. A bit like the "foundation by the yard" you can buy, but with a design *I* want! By having a screen the students (and I) can print themselves several sections and build up either a full circle for a mini quilt or a larger design, knowing each foundation will be the same size and shape)
But before I get it converted into a thermofax screen I ought to try making it. I'm not very good with EPP, but I do like foundation piecing; my plan is to print this into a fine cotton. For this trial I traced the details onto the cotton.
The New York Beauty block worked well
And the flying geese went well too
But have you seen the problem?
So I've remade the NYB, and although it's a bit messy, I think they are looking good together -


I think I'm ready to spend some money on a new screen!





  1. OH no!! You must have cried buckets when you realized what had happened :( It's a good thing you got right back on the horse and redid it - otherwise it might not have gotten done :D I don't really understand the screen part of the post, but the Flying New York Beauty Geese (lol) are going to be AWESOME!

  2. you have designed a great screen I will be watching the ladies at the K & S show in Harrogate a the end of the month, they usually demonstrate this technique

  3. Glad you got that sorted out in the end Benta, what are you going to do with the screen when you have it? I am intrigued :)

  4. I take it the screen is to print your foundation fabric with. Interesting choice of colour too. 😊

  5. That will be an amazing block and printing your own foundation sheets is exciting :)

  6. That will be an amazing block and printing your own foundation sheets is exciting :)


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