Friday 6 November 2015

Great Gloves and Happy Hearts

I love my first Fridays of the month! Not only do I get to play with fabric but with a great bunch of ladies, and they love trying new things!

Today's project was gloves: pretty easy. Cut two squares of fleece 10 X 12 inches (with the better stretch along the 10" width). Fold in half (so now 5 X 12) and pin along the long edge. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, you'll need to stitch two inches from one end, then leave 2 inches, then stitch the rest. You can then call them done, or you can decorate and / or hem the top and the bottom.

Here's mine


And here are theirs:


We also had a bit of show and tell - A grades for all homework!!


Susan brought a patchwork book, and one of the quilts depicted Christmas hearts that I immediately recognised.


In Norway children make these hearts every Christmas - I guess the British equivalent would be snowflakes or paper chains, something every child makes! However there was a problem with the book's patchwork depiction - you can only get the chequer board effect if the two curved sections are different colours, not if they are the same like this


I know, not easy to understand, so I made one to show the ladies!


Then another and another . . .


. . . and soon they were all at it!


They are baskets, and would be hung from the Christmas tree with chocolates in. Conventionally they are made of paper, but you see we tried felt too. Also, conventionally, the cuts would be regular, resulting in the chequer board effect like the green and whites ones, but different cuts give different results!

I can't explain how to make them, but if you ask Mr Google about "Norwegian Christmas hearts instructions" he'll tell you. It's a method of weaving; weaving in 3D! I'm happy to post one to anyone who is interested!



  1. I think I've made something like that, in school, years (decades!) ago - fun :) I know what you mean about the pattern in the book being wrong - without having read your post, I was looking at the picture and I could feel something was *off* about it :D

  2. Looks like you've all had fun on Friday, wish I was close enough to join in! The wrist warmers look fab and I like the variations of the woven hearts. Might have a go at the hearts

  3. Those gloves look very snug and the woven hearts are wonderful :)


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