Saturday 7 November 2015

Fortunately Unfortunately

Are you ready?


Unfortunately mum wasn't well yesterday: she fell and took far too long to be able to get up, and scared herself

Fortunately I was home when she called

Unfortunately I couldn't drive over as we'd had a drink

Fortunately she then called NHS direct

Unfortunately they couldn't send a doctor, but

Fortunately they made her an appointment for today

Fortunately I was free today so I could go with her

Unfortunately the appointment was delayed by an hour

Fortunately the Dr thinks it's just a version of the flu


Fortunately I had my La Pass kit with me:

And fortunately there was a glass of wine and an Indian takeaway menu waiting for me when I get home

Hope you had a more productive Saturday



  1. oh dear .. hope she is soon feeling much better .. it must have been really scary for her x

  2. HAHA that last "fortunately" was the funniest!

  3. Good to have something to grab in times like these! Hugs to mum.

  4. I feel for you with your mother, as I have days like this with my parents. Only I don't drink, making me think I might start!

  5. What a worrying time you had Benta, hope that Indian takeaway and wine did the trick!

  6. Hope your Mum is on the mend Benta. When I saw your little "pass" sections, in the tumbnail pic, they looked like a flock of little geese off for the winter.

  7. Looks good with the solids!
    Hope mum is well xx

  8. I hope your Mum is feeling better now :)
    The La Passacaglia is going to be an amazing creation :)


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