Tuesday 3 November 2015

Long List

Despite having had a week off from my 'day job' I have been busy and have suddenly realised there are things I need to finish even though school has started again and I have much less 'free' time

So in the last few days I have embroidered sweatshirts for the pre-school, and made a glove sample for Friday's class

And finished curtain tiebacks for a friend

I also had a go at a circle of flying geese and a New York Beauty - with limited success . . . I'll show you next time


  1. Oh you're braver than I am - NYB blocks are beautiful, but I'd be too scared to try one :D Flying geese circles are pretty too - did you paper piece them?

  2. gves are a great idea seem to remember making some a couple of years ago and the girls took them, don`t think they ever wore them so might ask for them back!t Tie backs look good and hope to see your NYB circle soon

  3. You always have so many things on the go Benta that I doubt you ever have such a thing as "free time"!


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