Thursday 12 November 2015

Devious Daughters

These two are scheming little minxes - and I love them more than words can say!

Niki worked from home on Tuesday, but had to go to the post office early.  She'd told me she would cook me lunch - home by 2 please!  

I walked in to find not one daughter by TWO!!!!  Lisa had made a spur-of-the-moment decision on Friday that she was done with Australia, but only told Niki!  Niki booked a day's leave (so not working from home) and went to get Lisa early from the airport (rather than the post office) and the two of them sat in the car hiding until they saw Brian and I both leave for work!!!!!

So - disbelief and tears and hugs!  

And then Lisa mentioned the state of her room . . . 

and despite claiming I was promised 24 hours notice so I could clear up, I can see she does have a point!

An hour or so later and she's decided that she wants the box room as a dedicated bedroom and I can have the bigger room . . . so we all got down to work

I see a lot of organising in my future - and a shopping trip to IKEA!  (And Jackie, it's OK, she says you can use her room too!!!)


  1. Oh, so there is a downside to her being home!! I'm sure you'll put up with it though :-)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww happy momma and sweet girls - this post is making me sniffly, lol! (And Amanda's comment is making me laugh :D)

  3. Awesome - I am so happy you had a delightful surprise of dd back home after her adventures. Not so much the chaos organizing. My daughter is only in Anchorage this winter - a pretty safe adventure (for her mama anyway). Last winters foray into central america just about did me in.

  4. And if your dd's need a (safe) adventure, they have a place to stay in Oregon.

  5. Thank you lovely Lisa and welcome home xx Well done Niki on pulling off that surprise xx

  6. What a great surprise Benta, you had certainly stamped your mark on that room in Lisa's absence :)

  7. How wonderful Lisa home for Christmas I know how much you have missed her plenty of catching up to do once you have sorted her room out!

  8. What a great surprise. And now you can relax, having her home safe and sound.

  9. What an amazing surprise Benta. I would never have been able to keep that secret!


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