Friday 20 November 2015

Weekend, Workroom and WOW!

It's the weekend, yay!!!  I've hardly managed any midweek sewing, so hopefully the weekend will be more productive!

My new workroom is almost finished.  I still have lots of Lisa's stuff in here as she's decorating her 'new' room, so mine should get better, but here are a few photos for now.

Although the room is bigger I've got less storage as there is more low level stuff rather than to-the-ceiling stuff.  I've gone for a standing workbench so I don't need to plan in space for a chair.  I spend much of the time at school slumped at a desk, so this may improve my posture too!


And this (rather gorgeous) fabric arrived today, wrapped around my WOW.

Actually that's wrong, it was wrapped around my

 No, still not right, one more try ... wrapped around my  

Meet Grandma Alice Fawkes!  She has been created by the amazingly talented Janine who blogs over at RainbowHare and has been entrusted to me to be loved and looked after!  Oh Janine - I do and I will!!!

Alice was blogged about here - which happened to be on Janine's Grandmother (Alice)'s birthday, and Guy Fawkes Night here in the UK, so you can see she was easy to name.

As well as being incredibly well made, she even came with a knitted cardigan and socks and hat, and a beautiful dress made of cotton with needle and thread design on it!

My photos clearly don't do her justice (I should have paid more attention to Katy's online photography lessons) but I have found some trinkets that are about her size

And I even found her a rocking chair and some EPP she can be getting on with!

Janine - you are awesome!!!!!!


  1. Why don't you take Grannie Alice out on the town? I'm sure she'd like to go see a movie, or have a cup of tea, or even visit the fire station - just in case she wants to be de-fibrillated. She would definitely enjoy a jaunt to the fabric store and possibly get material for a new dress?

  2. Wow indeed Benta! Granny Alice is amazing and looks so.comfortable in her rocking chair with her sewing :)

  3. Fantastic doll. I like the idea of a standing workbench. Is this a purchase Benta, or did one of your talented family make it?

  4. Your sewing room is going to fab! And I'm glad Alice has arrived. She looks very happy. I'm sure a sewing machine and rocking chair are beyond her wildest dreams, let alone an EPP project to be getting on with :)

  5. I wonder how long the standing regime will last! And last ve Granny Alice. She fits right in!

  6. OH I love Kathy's idea - Grandma definitely needs to hit the fabric store - wouldn't it be cool if she brought home some new fabric, and maybe some really nice thread? Then she could bake some cookies and we could come meet her - I'll bring the hot chocolate! ;)

  7. Grandma Alice is bigger than I thought when I saw her on Janine's blog. She already well so well catered for at your house, that she looks right at home.

  8. Grandma Alice looks amazing and great that she sews too!


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