Monday 28 September 2015

Barbados Bag

Husband went to Barbados several years ago with his sister and her family, and he brought back several lengths of fabric ideal for bags. Most have been used, but some bright shell fabric was still waiting for the right project!

I've now (nearly) made another version of the Everyday Tote bag:

It's landscape rather than portrait, and I've set the straps into the top seam rather than part way down.

I've added the internal slip pockets and zip pocket as per the instructions, 

and I've also added a few extras: a clip at the top to keep the bag closed as well as a hidden slip pocket and a key ribbon (as I usually do on bags)

New to me however is something I've wanted to try: I've seen holiday bags that attach to the pull up handle on suitcases, and they seem like a great idea, so on the back (below an external zipped pocket) there is a wide band (carefully fussy cut so it's almost hidden)

But this is two external slip pockets, and an open section

I'm hoping this will work on a suitcase.  

This is called my Barbados bag because the fabric came from there, 


and because 

IN JANUARY!!!!!!  

And my bag is coming too!!!!

Whoa, I’m going to Barbados
Whoa, back to the palm trees
Whoa, I’m going to see my girlfriend
Whoa, in the sunny Caribbean Sea

I don’t wanna be bus driver all my life
I’ve seen too much of Brixton town in the night
Fly away on Coconut Airways
Fly me high, Barbados skies

I looked up at the sky and I see the clouds
I look down at the ground and I see the rain go down the drain
Fly away on Coconut Airways
Fly me high, Barbados skies
Whoa, I’m going to Barbados
Whoa, back to the palm trees
Whoa, I’m going to see my girlfriend
Whoa, in the sunny Caribbean Sea

Far away from London town and the rain
It’s really very nice to be home again
Mary Jane, with the coconut air plane
Now I know she loves me so

Whoa, I’m going to Barbados
Whoa, back to the palm trees
Whoa, I’m going to see my girlfriend
Whoa, in the sunny Caribbean Sea

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now commencing our approach to Bridgetown, Barbados
The weather is fine with approximate temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit
The sky is blue and the palm trees are really cool
Captain Wilcox and his crew hope you have had a pleasant flight
And that you will fly Coconut Airways again
Whoa, I’m going to Barbados
Whoa, back to the palm trees
Whoa, I’m going to see my girlfriend
Whoa, in the sunny Caribbean Sea

Whoa, I’m going to Barbados
Whoa, back to the palm trees
Whoa, I’m going to see my girlfriend
Whoa, in the sunny Caribbean Sea

Saturday 26 September 2015

Happy Birthday and Beautiful Bags

Yesterday was my birthday: it seemed strange to celebrating without Lisa here, but I did get to talk to her on the phone.

I got some lovely bits and pieces: you've already met Joey and Zoey

I got troll beads from Niki and Harry, and from Niki and Lisa

And this heartwarming message from a very special friend
And this funky zippy bracelet from my "twin", Plum (hope you had a great day too, Plum)

Today I was teaching a Family class: It was held at Oakfield school where I did a number of sessions to make a 50th Anniversary wall hanging last year, but I had never seen it up on the wall, so it was lovely to see this as I walked in

Today's theme was "Beautiful Bags"! The kids started with a plain calico tote bag and a table of resources and "stuff", and had a great two hours.  The kids came up with some fab ideas, and executed them brilliantly - especially given that some were as young as 5!!!

Thursday 24 September 2015

Crochet Castle

Of course this isn't really a castle ( although it does look a bit like a castle turret) - but it is crochet!

The lovely Carolyn at church started me off, and I'd just been going round in a spiral to make a tube glove. I then started feeling cocky and managed to make a thumb hole, and, what's more, managed to carry one the spiral above the hole.

Now that it's the size I want I realise I'm not quite as awesome a crocheter as I thought I was . . . I have no idea how to start the other one, and given that I just about have two hands I do rather need two gloves!

Roll on Sunday so I can get Carolyn to start off the second glove!

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Monkey Magic

A little bit of 'me' time this afternoon saw the assembly, quilting and binding getting sorted on this Sock Monkey Quilt:

I just need to hand sew the binding, and that will just take a decent program on the TV!

Here is my embroidered monkey for the centre

And last time there was something decent on TV I got the binding finished on the Five-a-Day bonus quilt:

My Babies have been named - Joey and Zoey (or Joey Sorbet and Zoey Lemon to give their full names!).  One of the cats has discovered them!

Monday 21 September 2015

Quiet? Or Quite a Lot?

I haven't blogged for the last week or so as I didn't feel as if there was much to blog about, but that really isn't the case!

First let me introduce you to my new babies:

Possibly to be christened Lemon and Sorbet, these were an early birthday pressie from the family, aren't they gorgeous!

Next I can show you two exciting postal packages:  Not exciting on the outside . . .

But awesome on the inside

A free sample from Spoonflower (thank you Kathyfor giving me the head's up) and a fab goodie bag from Just Jude as I won a giveaway on her blog - I'm really looking forward to some therapy colouring with this fabric.

I have done some sewing too. Renee (Wren) gifted me some unwanted charm squares and they included some sock monkey fabric.  Inspired by Fiona's recent quilt I bordered the charms with two sides of 2" and two of 1.5" strips. There were 23 blocks which didn't quite make a top, so I also embroidered a sock monkey to fit a double block, so it will look something like this

Last Monday, at Richmond and Kew quilters, we played with some thermofax screens, and I came home with these blocks.

I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I have made up some zippy pouches.

One has gone to a friend, but the others will go back to R&K group to be sold or our craft stall at next month's exhibition.

Monday 14 September 2015

Students, and Shopping, and Sleeping

Just over a week ago I taught my regular monthly afternoon class at Chertsey Museum.  We repeated an evening session I had done there: deconstructing a t-shirt and making a woven bowl.

One lady decided to have a go at finger crocheting a bowl - looking good R!

I *tried* to copy her, but didn't do so well!

One lady brought back her projects from earlier in the year: A peg bag and her hessian bag

And my shopping from The Village Habadashery arrived!  This was my win from Fiona's Ho HoHo and On We Sew linkie.  I had planned on getting a Kona colour chart, but finally settled fo some Kona fabric instead!

You just know an envelope like this is going to have yummy contents!

 And I love that I dont have to remember what colour I'm using:

And finally for those who were concerned about mum's sleeping arrangements for tonight - I cleared the mess!

Sunday 13 September 2015

Fifteen Minutes of Fun

I don't feel as if I've done *much* sewing, but I have been managing Fifteen Minutes of Fun quite regularly, and I've realised all those fifteens add up!

This embroidery and appliqué takes about seven minutes to stitch,

And while one is stitching I can be adding zip and lining to another to make a zippy pouch for a note pad and pencil

And a whole load of fifteen minutes later I have a box of these for the ladies at my church group

Whilst I had the zip foot on the machine I also used some Lino printed fabric to make this sample for a Chertsey museum class.

 And when I had the normal foot back on I made some other class samples

I also spent a bit of time on La Pass: my first cog is as complete as I can manage at the moment: I've run out of the purple! I've sent some to Jackie as she may have some spare she can 'lend' me, otherwise this will be one of the overlapped cogs!

And talking (writing) of Jackie - I have some serious furniture envy . . . look what she just got!

For me, the word furniture reminds me my mum is coming to stay tomorrow night - and this is the current state of the bed!