Saturday 26 September 2015

Happy Birthday and Beautiful Bags

Yesterday was my birthday: it seemed strange to celebrating without Lisa here, but I did get to talk to her on the phone.

I got some lovely bits and pieces: you've already met Joey and Zoey

I got troll beads from Niki and Harry, and from Niki and Lisa

And this heartwarming message from a very special friend
And this funky zippy bracelet from my "twin", Plum (hope you had a great day too, Plum)

Today I was teaching a Family class: It was held at Oakfield school where I did a number of sessions to make a 50th Anniversary wall hanging last year, but I had never seen it up on the wall, so it was lovely to see this as I walked in

Today's theme was "Beautiful Bags"! The kids started with a plain calico tote bag and a table of resources and "stuff", and had a great two hours.  The kids came up with some fab ideas, and executed them brilliantly - especially given that some were as young as 5!!!


  1. Love the Batman tote. Looks like you had a fab birthday - special in every way.

  2. happy birthday, have been away from blogland so had not seen the budgies before, so cute. Some lovely presents you lucky girl. Good to see the children have been creative again with the bags

  3. Happy Birthday Benta! Looks like a great day, hope it is a great year ahead too. I also missed the Budgie post & am now off to investigate..

  4. Happy belated Birthday Benta!There are gorgeous gift and look you had a great day.

  5. Great messages and pressies! Happy Birthday again! xx


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