Sunday 13 September 2015

Fifteen Minutes of Fun

I don't feel as if I've done *much* sewing, but I have been managing Fifteen Minutes of Fun quite regularly, and I've realised all those fifteens add up!

This embroidery and appliqué takes about seven minutes to stitch,

And while one is stitching I can be adding zip and lining to another to make a zippy pouch for a note pad and pencil

And a whole load of fifteen minutes later I have a box of these for the ladies at my church group

Whilst I had the zip foot on the machine I also used some Lino printed fabric to make this sample for a Chertsey museum class.

 And when I had the normal foot back on I made some other class samples

I also spent a bit of time on La Pass: my first cog is as complete as I can manage at the moment: I've run out of the purple! I've sent some to Jackie as she may have some spare she can 'lend' me, otherwise this will be one of the overlapped cogs!

And talking (writing) of Jackie - I have some serious furniture envy . . . look what she just got!

For me, the word furniture reminds me my mum is coming to stay tomorrow night - and this is the current state of the bed!



  1. I am sure she will fit underneath and be very snug :-)

  2. Does she have to crawl inside then?

  3. what pearls of wisdom you have stitched. Poor Mum looks like she is going to have to fight her way in!!! Have a lovely time with her


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