Thursday 24 September 2015

Crochet Castle

Of course this isn't really a castle ( although it does look a bit like a castle turret) - but it is crochet!

The lovely Carolyn at church started me off, and I'd just been going round in a spiral to make a tube glove. I then started feeling cocky and managed to make a thumb hole, and, what's more, managed to carry one the spiral above the hole.

Now that it's the size I want I realise I'm not quite as awesome a crocheter as I thought I was . . . I have no idea how to start the other one, and given that I just about have two hands I do rather need two gloves!

Roll on Sunday so I can get Carolyn to start off the second glove!


  1. Well done its fab, two gloves are very over rated :-)

  2. You could hark back to the Michael Jackson era of only one glove.

  3. I was going to mention rocking the Michael Jackson look, too. Have you got a second one yet?


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