Thursday 3 September 2015

Thursday's Thank Yous!

I recently showed a photo of Lisa at the North Point of Australia. She travelled there in one of these 4x4s:

it was well equipped for the outback with a winch and a couple of spare tyres, and built for off-roading, and with a driver who had planned well for all eventualities. However, he decided he wasn't coming back straight away, so she headed south in the *other* 4x4 - with a car and driver that was none of the above! She described the red 4x4 as suitable only for carrying shopping up a bit of a steep hill, driven as bought from a car salesman, with no outback consideration or modifications worth speaking of.

What was even more scary was that he seemed to have no idea of him limitations or that of his vehicle. He wanted to revisit sites when previously the other car had had to winch him out of problems, and Lisa watched him use 10 litres ( 17 pints?) to wash up - obviously water wasn't a valuable asset at all! The red car gained some sort of notoriety on the point. So when they stopped for supplies and Lisa asked a lady if she knew of anywhere Lisa could stay if she left the car, the lady made a few phone calls and saved Lisa from the "moronic tw*t"

So thank you to that lovely lady, and thank you to the incredibly kind people at the Moreton Telegraph Station who took her in and gave her bed and board in exchange for a few hours work a day for six days

They also arranged for her to continue her journey back to Cairns on the mail plane:

Over amazing views, so thank you to the pilots!
(Great Barrier Reef)
(Moreton station and airfield)
(Bush fire)

Another bunch of thanks is to Jackie and Amo who emailed me regularly with reassuring words to keep me this side of sanity while I waited for Lisa to return to civilisation, and Wifi!

(I think Lisa's recovered from the scare - she dived at the Great Barrier Reef today!)

And then today I got an email from Fiona telling me that my link on the HoHoHo be-ready-for-Christmas project was the winner of a gift voucher from the Village Haberdashery, so thank you to Fiona, and to Annie at VH too!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to spend some money!!!! I have long lusted over a Kona colour card, so I think I'll treat myself! I can then match fabrics to some of these zips that just happened to arrive in the post a few days ago!
Thank you for reading this!!!!


  1. Fab photos, I love the diving one! Congratulations on winning the voucher enjoy spending it. Great zips too.

  2. I have a drawer full of zippers in all sizes and colors too! It is really nice to have all of them on hand to work on projects.

  3. I'm almost 2/3 of the way through Bill Bryson's novel: "In A Sunburnt Country" and I am so glad your LIsa has some serious common sense and the lovely folks at Moreton Station were able to help her out. (Thanks for the photo of the mail plane, btw).
    Congrats on your win - spend wildly!

  4. what a scary time that must have been, thank goodness there were some lovely people around to help her out.
    Good win but surely one would normally buy the fabric then the zip? I had a chuckle that you had bought so many zips but no doubt you have a plan for them well I hope so

  5. It's been enough to turn you grey!! Huge hugs. xx

  6. isn't it wonderful to know there are GOOD people out there x She is certainly growing up .. as well as having a great time x WOOP WOOP it is so wonderful to be a winner x

  7. oh how those photos and Lisa's story remind me of living in East Africa, safaris, car problems, idiots, incredible kindness of strangers, scares and laughs, and sometimes being able to be the one giving the kindness which was always humbling and made me feel I had received so much more than I ever gave. People like your Lisa who go out with open minds and hearts are a blessing for everyone!
    Congratulations on both surviving Lisa's safari and your which was the greater a mom I'd say everything paled beside Lisa's safari??

  8. Thank you for posting! Glad that Lisa is a sensible girl who knows when to quit a dodgy situation and ask for help!


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