Wednesday 23 September 2015

Monkey Magic

A little bit of 'me' time this afternoon saw the assembly, quilting and binding getting sorted on this Sock Monkey Quilt:

I just need to hand sew the binding, and that will just take a decent program on the TV!

Here is my embroidered monkey for the centre

And last time there was something decent on TV I got the binding finished on the Five-a-Day bonus quilt:

My Babies have been named - Joey and Zoey (or Joey Sorbet and Zoey Lemon to give their full names!).  One of the cats has discovered them!


  1. The thoughts running through that kitty's head....

  2. Those are pretty little budgies :) And the quilts look great x

  3. So long as the cat doesn't start singing

  4. Lol. I used to have pet finches. My cats pretty much ignored the until I was cleaning the cage.....then you could see them become awash in instinct. It was like watching Sylvester and Tweety in the flesh.

    Love your monkeys!


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