Monday 14 September 2015

Students, and Shopping, and Sleeping

Just over a week ago I taught my regular monthly afternoon class at Chertsey Museum.  We repeated an evening session I had done there: deconstructing a t-shirt and making a woven bowl.

One lady decided to have a go at finger crocheting a bowl - looking good R!

I *tried* to copy her, but didn't do so well!

One lady brought back her projects from earlier in the year: A peg bag and her hessian bag

And my shopping from The Village Habadashery arrived!  This was my win from Fiona's Ho HoHo and On We Sew linkie.  I had planned on getting a Kona colour chart, but finally settled fo some Kona fabric instead!

You just know an envelope like this is going to have yummy contents!

 And I love that I dont have to remember what colour I'm using:

And finally for those who were concerned about mum's sleeping arrangements for tonight - I cleared the mess!


  1. good to see the class has been busy. Some great kona fabric you have there. Best of all your Mum can sleep in peace! have a lovely time with her, such a great way to utilise the bed when no guests are staing

  2. And what are you going to do with the Kona one has to ask???

  3. I draw your attention to the wording on that hessian bag when looking at the photo of the bed 😄


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